Gentlemen Of Deceit’s Hilarious Magic Show On Australia’s Got Talent

"♪♪ Music ♪♪" "Hello" "Laughing" "is this part of the act?" "Well I guess so, I don't know.

" "I love that he didn't ask to take his shoe off.

" "I don't get whats going on right now.

" "Clapping" "Uh Welcome, obviously it's not a great time to talk to you.

" "Uh but were're pleased you're here.

" "Will you please do whatever you're going to do to my shoe, and do it quickly" "Laughing" "Eww" "Dude" "Snap" "Laughing" "Ooh" "Wow" "Laughing" "Noo" "Uhh, I've forgotten what playing cards are.

" "The Ace of Spades.

" "The Ace of Spades'" "This is so awkward, Your Tape.

" ACE OF SPADES "Clapping" "What a great trick!" "I can't believe you actually had that in your mouth.

" "Neither can we.

Good surprise.

" "Look I just thought it was such a neat surprising trick.

" "Brilliant" "Hundred Percent Yes.

" "Hundred Percent Yes.

" (Repitition) Yes "As long as you give Cinderella her shoe back.

" Yes "Guys, it's four Yeses Congratulations.


Source: Youtube