FUTSAL SKILLS IN AUSTRALIA – Séan Garnier/ @seanfreestyle

Hi everybody is Séan Garnier I have a big futsal challenge today you know what, for the first time the chance to play in the Australian league FUTSAL OZ and you know what also I got hurt there is 1 month and a half So its is my return and see if I can play in this league lets go It's good his pass I scored a few goals My knee is ok people are ok I'm ok everything will be ok I was told you were going to see him I'm going to play against this guy.

Séan Garnier freestyle star Ok guys we just finish the game My guys here Rico Dragon walking step over it here Too technical and I scored two goals I am a mito in penalty but good at the end I DAB ahahah yo on the way Futsal his will be the second match for me I'm still injured We are late the game starts 16H It is 15.

54 h So will play in 6 minutes Tkt but you'll see tricks This guy's gone I just happened 2min warm and now we will play BABY the referee did not want me playing with her Séan, Hello Melbourne good game you played great How the game was the good guy? youtube we're together, I hope you gets off the video Do not forget to tell me in the comments what you want to see next time I will play a lot of Futsal match so be ready subscribers you and Blue Thumb.

Source: Youtube