Flying your drone for fun? Drone rules in Australia

MAN: More and more peopleare flying drones.

They're fun to fly,but you must be responsible.

(WOMAN SCREAMS) So before you take off, follow these simple rulesto keep everyone safe.

(WHIRRS) Only fly during the day and keep your dronewhere you can see it, within your line of sight.

Keep at least 30 metres away from vehicles, buildingsand other people.

Don't fly overheavily populated areas like beaches, parksand sporting venues and always respectother people's privacy.

In controlled airspace, which covers most Australian cities, you mustn't flyyour drone higher than120 metres or 400 feet.

That's about the lengthof a footy field.

Don't be a menace to other aircraft so keep well away from airportsand other aerodromes and if you see other aircraft nearby land your drone immediately.

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Have fun, but flyyour drone responsibly.

Source: Youtube