F**K Australia Song REACTION

How's it going homies? it is- of the whore, sorry I'm trying to do a serious film whore So.


I was sent a video by our Fejsa (Facebook) I have not watched it yet I do not know what is it I did not watch it, and someone suggested that I watch it I'll take this hood because I look like dałn Now I look normal Okay, yyyyy.

– What? – What? You shut up, this is my video you're just a whore a good guy? good good You know what to do it * it * ay ay Australie Australie You know what to do Everyone there fucking ** ± kangaroos pie * r us fucking ** dip you pi * rdol August shitty country What ? What?! The girls did not shave there pubic * Detaching the government pierdoooooo Nobody's afraid of Australians anyway fucking ** YC australie They never know.

About this song They are too far Pier * Olic Australie Pier * Olic Australie Pier * Olic australie Are we once We said everything about you.

Understand why we are In mid-retarded pi * rdol August They pushed us out of the boat from England.

You are a bunch of criminals.

TRIGGERED I swear I find with the creator and throws him sauce.

Throwing him kangaroo sauce.

bullshit Everyone is afraid Australians Anyway.

fuck australie fuck australie fuck australie They never knew About this song They are too far I hope Steven fall truth Fuck you x3 whore You know what? Rucka I will find you.

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