Farmwork in Australia – Fencing in the Outback✔Backpacking Australia#35 German+English Subtitles

Welcome to Fernweh I'm Wouter I am a fencing expert have fun so hello today we break fences down here a very very very long line and also somewhere else yes and now you can take a look how to do that in Australia I'm also in noo 😀 we have to open everthing or snap them off the thing is everything makes it a bit difficult because we keep the wire and to reuse it so we can't clip it anywhere we have to open everything and roll it together and we have to be very careful here there are everywhere prickly bushes and they are very nasty and mean if one gets you the prickles they hurt real bad and like a cactus when you touch them with your pants depends on them these are shorter ones but there are different bushes and they go through the shoes i would say fencing is a very hard job because it's very hard to pull everything out if we.

we partly have 400 meters long wires and very thick and it's very heavy to pull them out and than to roll all of them That's very exhausting Quentin would you say fencing is a hard job? yes, what? f**** hard here you can see it very good dangerous, dangerous look at these stings i had a fly on my camera go away come a bit closer oh yes, they are painful and those are everywhere also at the ground and when you don't have a good sole these stings go through the shoe yep don't they Ramona? oh yes, i had painfully experiences with that already ha ha ha don't laugh what did you say Ramona? Say it again it's the same s***t like stick picking ha ha huh, the bloody wire 10 days later after heavy rainfall we are far away and actually nobody is working today we were almost on the way back we always drove on the field we thougt the field is more dry and better to drive through which was also very critical and then we drove back on the street and we got bogged oh man oh we destroyed the road here at first they ask themselves how we got out there but good that we have made it actually 😀 ha ha really sweet so here is the other spot i wanted to shorten the way here and was going to drive into the field got bogged here again 2 meters further and here is the third spot but now we were experienced already now we made it until there the time has come now we have to walk back yes we noticed suddenly it was out of power this was probably the reason why we got bogged three times before it wasn't a problem it didn't drive in the first gear and suddenly we got slower and slower now it stands was not moving motor full power but we're not bogged or so no after that once switched off and wanted to turn it on again it doesn't go on by the way yesterday it got a new battery but it was used already, not new anyway the battery isn't doing anything the battery is now probably dead or.

yes empty probably empty now we have to walk for a while Hello here you can see we have frost in the morning and nearly every day cold the quad bike has also got frost Hello we brought the tractor back to life and now we save it from the rain and here is Ramona too.

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