Extiende tu visa con un curso mas profesional | Acá en Australia

There is a moment in your Australian experience when you get tired of studying English and you want to study something a bit more professional.

Today we are going to talk about some courses that are great to extend your visa with and are also a bit more professional here in Australia.

After six months of studying a general English course you have decided to extend your Australian visa.

If you believe that your English is good enough, you can probably study a more professional course and you don't have to study just English, English, English.

It is not a secret that universities in Australia are expensive, but thankfully there are more courses that can be just as good as university.

These type of courses are called VET courses or vocational courses.

They are the equivalent to "tecnicos" o "tecnologos" in Colombia and compared to uni, they teach you more practical hands on skills and all of what you need to know to allow you to enter to the workforce.

I have taken 2 VET courses, a Marketing course and a Management course, and before you ask me about the school I studied at, it is a school here in Brisbane which is my favorite school I love it 🙂 It is called Qii, Queensland International Institute.

I love that school so much, I used to assist in any events related to Qii.

Have a look to these photos, so you know how much I love that school.

The good thing about Qii is that they offer a great range of courses, not just management and marketing.

There are different options for everyone.

The good thing about these type of courses is that in Australia they are very valuable and sometimes you just need a VET course certificate to gain access to a professional job.

This is also a great pathway to university.

So if you take some VET courses then you can apply to credit transfer, and probably you won't need to start university from the beginning.

Now if you have decided to take a VET course, I will give you 3 tips based on my own experience.

My first advice is: do not waste your money on shitty courses.

Seriously, it is a waste of money! It is better to save a little more and invest in a better course.

Advice number 2 is do not underestimate VET courses, as I said, sometimes having a VET course is enough to apply for a professional job.

In Australia if you have a VET course certificate you are considered capable to work in a professional job.

Now, if your plan is to go to university, choose a course that is related to your major, in that way, you would be able to get more credits.

In my opinion, these types of courses are great to extend your visa and also, to take your English to a more professional level.

In my experience, I have done similar courses in two different institutions and my favorite school is Qii, Queensland International Institute haha Qii, Queensland International Institute In fact, I was also part of the Students Association of Qii.

I have met incredible people and to be honest, I love that school.

Remember, it is located in Brisbane, and I really recommend it! And that was all for today's video, thank you very much for watching.

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