Everything is melting in Australia thanks to ‘hell on Earth’ heatwave

From ice cream trucks to thongs.

everything is MELTING! Australians keep it funny as they struggle to keep cool in record heatwave PHOTO: Some shared images like this one of a melted ice cream van to indicate just how hot it is Australians have taken to social media with amusing memes reflecting their struggle to keep cool during the blistering heatwave.

A huge chunk of the country is facing temperatures of more than 40C over three consecutive days.

PHOTO: A Queensland church posted this message about the heatwave on the sign outside Sydney set for a scorching weekend with the CBD forecast to reach a record 38C on Friday while 44C is expected in western part of the city.

But despite fire warnings, the possibility of power shortages and blackouts, some have chosen to use humour to cope with the extreme heat.

PHOTO: A Queensland church posted this message about the heatwave on the sign outside Many shared memes that express their astonishment how hot it is, including a melted ice cream truck and a woman's thongs sticking to the ground.

And a woman called Mandy shared a screenshot from a 9News weather report which captured a map of the country with a huge chunk of black and dark purple indicating where temperatures will reach above 40C.

PHOTO: 'Meanwhile in Australia' was the caption on many memes related to the heatwave 'Meanwhile in Australia.

' read the caption on the striking image, which quickly went viral on Twitter.

Many users also commented on the stunned expression on the weatherwoman's captured in the image.

'The face says it all,' said one commenter.

PHOTO: Some shared a meme of Two-Face, a Batman character who had half his face burned off Another remarked that the map made it look like a portal to hell had opened up in Australia.

Others shared an unflattering shot of Beyonce from her Super Bowl performance or a melting Barbie doll's face to give others an indication of how they're doing.

PHOTO: Australians have taken to social media with memes making light of the blistering heatwave Even NSW police shared an amusing meme alongside a warning on their Twitter page.

The account posted a picture of a firefighter in a protective mask battling a massive blaze captioned: 'Opening your front door today.

' PHOTO: NSW Police shared this meme during the heatwave along with a warning to stay hydrated, avoid the midday sun and not leave children or pets in cars 'Make sure you keep hydrated, avoid the midday sun & NEVER leave children or pets in cars,' they tweeted with the meme.

Others took to social media to share memes that express their struggle to stay cool during the heatwave.

PHOTO: This unflattering shot from Beyonce's Super Bowl performance was shared on social media One featured a man desperately clutching a bag of ice and another showed a dog resting in a pile of ice cubes.

Meanwhile, a Queensland church posted a funny message about the weather rather than the usual inspirational quote or Bible passage.

PHOTO: A meme of a melted Barbie doll was shared to show the difficulty of getting ready in the heat 'Too hot to change sign! Message insideā€¦' proclaimed the sign outside Warwick Baptist Church, according to the Sunshine Coast Daily.

PHOTO: The struggle to keep cool with limited means was expressed with this screenshot from The Simpsons On a more serious note, authorities pleading with the community to be vigilant as NSW braces itself for catastrophic weather over the weekend.

Conditions across the state will gradually worsen from Friday through to Sunday.

'The catastrophic conditions is something that has not occurred in NSW since 2013,' Police and Emergency Services Minister Troy Grant said on Friday.

PHOTO: Many could related to this meme of a goat's joyous expression captioned: 'That feeling when you walk into a building with A/C' 'Emergency services will be on high alert to deal with those conditions,' he said.

He asked the community to stay away from fire-prone areas such as national parks and forests.

PHOTO: Nicole Thompson shared a post of her pet dog keeping cool in front of the air conditioner Residents are advised to stay out of the heat, with Mr Grant suggesting people head to air-conditioned shopping centres and movie theatres.

PHOTO: A man shared this image of himself clutching a bag of ice with several other bags next to him He said NSW clubs would be able to provide water and respite for vulnerable people.

Mr Grant also urged parents to keep an eye on children following a 'tragic' summer of drowning incidents.

A very high fire danger covers much of the state, with Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons saying the following three days will be 'very difficult' for firefighters.

PHOTO: It was all too much for this dog, who set up shop next to a fan as he retreated from the heat Total fire bans have already been declared for three regions in NSW on Friday, the Southern Ranges, the Southern Slopes and southern Riverina.

PHOTO: A Lord of the Rings-inspired meme suggested an Aussie's room is hotter than Mount Doom With temperatures tipped to rise above 40C, the RFS expects total fires bans and extreme or severe fire danger warnings will be in place across most of the state.

NSW Health has advised people to stay hydrated, limit physical activity, avoid alcohol and sugary drinks and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

PHOTO: Aussies can relate to this meme, which shows a cat wet itself under a faucet to keep cool It is feared power supplies will be drained across NSW as residents crank up the air-conditioning and fans.

PHOTO: Also making the rounds on social media was a Photoshopped Google search which claimed the website suggests NSW as the hottest place on earth PHOTO: Energy Minister Don Harwin says residents can save power by keeping their air-conditioning at no lower than 26C, adjusting fridge temperatures, switching off unused appliances and turning off lights where it is safe to do so.

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