Entrevista Sérgio – Kangaroo Health Clubs

I'm Sergio Duarte, I monitor the exercise room, I am a personal trainer and also I give group classes: high intensity and TRX.

I finished university, my studies at the School of Human Kinetics in 2008.

Then immediately afterwards joined in schools and in gymnasiums.

I walked several gyms until 2 years ago, roughly, I came here to Kangaroo and joined directly as a Personal Trainer and monitor the exercise room.

There as time went by the high intensity classes were assigned me TRX and functional training.

The high intensity group lessons are formatted to last between about 20 to 30 minutes, in which the goal is to spur as much as possible partners, okay, to be the maximum energy expenditure as possible to spend as many calories as possible, ie, it's great to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

The daily life of a teacher is exciting especially when we have a lot of people in the room.

But we usually have plenty to do, the partners here Barreiro are excellent, super-dynamic people and we are always interested in helping them.

I look at the camera or not? To know a little better my work come with me! This here is my colleague Helder, at this point he is making here a score.

How is the number of people here in the room.

how are we Helder? We are well, full house! Full house? Great! perfect execution, in this case there is nothing to correct, almost full extension there down is great! Intensity in training, this is what we want in Kangaroo! Let's see here Andre, see if he is doing well.

It's going all right? No pressure! Slow, great, controlled perfeitinho, spectacular André! Note perfectly that are here work with intensity on the part of Andrew.

You know all the staff by name? Most people know! I have now been here for some time, and they are here almost every day! Malta is training hard! We always try to open this speech to personally know all members, even those who enter.

We will continue here for a ride.

How are you John? All right? It is looking good practice? If you want to lose weight have all that you need, click this link for more information!.

Source: Youtube