Enormous jumping crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory

Hey guys We're here in Where are we? Humpty Doo It's close to Kakadu National Park In the Northern Territory Whats the name of this cruise? Adelaide River.

Adelaide River Croc Cruises We're going to go for a cruise on the river here with some salt water crocodiles.

The largest one is 5.

5 metres long! And they put some meat on the end of a stick to get the crocs to jump out of the water.

Are you excited Michaela? I'm anxious.

Why? There is a massive croc in the water under us and we will be on top of it Ah it'll be fine.

The boat is big.

The boat is 4 metres long and the crocodile is 5.

5 metres long.

So I think it'll be.


Right? Huh? Wait! It's gotta be fake.

It's gotta be fake! It's not moving! It is moving! Oh my God! It's waiting for you.

Our main concern is your safety.

We don't want anyone hanging over the side.

It's a really dangerous activity.

You put your arm over the side with a camera.

As we were getting into the boat there was already a croc next to it.

A massive crocodile! This is serious.

Its going to end bad.



And dangerous.

Source: Youtube