(ENG SUB) Fighting Man – Jackson Wang versus Kangaroo

Come, let's cheer together! 1.


3 Win with one hit Let Us Fight!! (Super Awkward) It's so hard to follow your lines (Baby:It's ok as long we are are happy) Ok, get ready 3 2 1 GO!! (Race Start!) ("Jumpy Jumpy Group" get going) (Challenging self) (Bouncing ability JumpJump Ga) (This kid is this fast!) (Getting first is so easy!) The winner just now is.

Jia Er! (Jackson) Following this, we will race with a Kangaroo (Little racing competitor Kangaroo) (I am coming GaGa!) (Who is #1 athlete?) Guess who am I Kangaroo What happens with a lost? There is no punishment with a lost.

There is a prize with a win (Knows how production team works well) A star right? (So awkward) (Fired up Fighting Team messing around) Do you have anything else? There is a Moon in the end (Production Team: That's hard to do) So Cute! It's a little wet here Then you can just jump a little less far Don't jump that far (Floor is too wet) I am afraid I would loose.

I can't wait anymore (GaGa bringing out legendary strength) (GaGa is the leading horse) (Kangaroo is closing in with each step) (Kangaroo turns up the speed in the middle of the race) Let's go Jackson (Protecting all of Kanagroo's pride) (Going in a straight line together) (This can't be real) (Don't touch me!) I won, I know I won (Nicely comforts) But The most important thing is the spirit of competition right?.

Source: Youtube