Emmanuella in Australia (Mark Angel Comedy)

This train will just fly up, me I will jump Where you will see me now is Nigeria When I go to Nigeria finish, my mummy will ask me "Emmanuella, na only you (inaudible)?" I'll say "Hmm, nwanne no be only me o" The man e dey there.

dey inside train.

dey enjoy himself The train wan even fly sef I jump down Na so e be nau Emmanuella is cracking us up here with her jokes But that time, when I reach house, Kelechi go dey tell me Emmanuella give him.

I'll say, Nwanne, no be only give him.

Take am! – Mark Angel and friend laughs – I'm dead.

I'm oficially dead.

Emmanuella has killed me Send that thing.

Wetin you want make we send? That thing nau Uncle look at Titanic It's not Titanic It's a lie it's Titanic – Mark Angel laughs – It's not Titanic It's a lie.

It's Titanic.

Source: Youtube