Ellen Meets an Unforgettable Kid Surfer

Our next guest just became the youngestperson to be selected to compete in a major Australian surfing competition, but it was a local news interview thatgained her worldwide attention.

Take a look.

>> I can't believe thatSally gave me the wild card.

I can't believe out of all the girlsin the world, she's chosen me.

Even if I get last, they're goingto do a $250 prize money for last.

>> Yeah.

>> And I'd really would want tospend it on donuts.

>> Uh-huh.

>> [LAUGH]>> Yeah, but that was an athlete but now he is pretty fat.

>> [LAUGH]>> He eats like two layers of ice cream every single night.

>> [LAUGH]>> And then he had to suck his gut in for photos.

>> [LAUGH]>> He's really funny >> All the way from Australia, please welcome 11 year old Sabre Norris.

You got into this competition, andhow many people were in the competition? >> 100.

>> A hundred people, of all ages, right? >> Of all open, it was fully open.

>> And how did you do? >> I got 25th.

>> 25th.

>> The good thing was that even if I would have lost, I still would have got $250.

But cuz I didn't lose,I got $500, so twice as much! But, I wanted to spend it all on donuts! Yeah?>> [LAUGH] >> But, because my favorite donut place, Donut Time,actually gave us them for free.

[APPLAUSE]>> And so, I still had $500 left.

And I gave 100 to my sister,100 to my brother, and 100 to my other sister, soI've got $200 left to spend.

And okay, I bring my money here,and I find this big Hershey's Kiss.

It's as big as my head.

So I'm gonna spend it on that.

I found it in this candy store andit's just sugar, fully just sugar.

And I want this American pair of socks.

Just to always remind meof my time I had here.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> You're 11 years old.

>> Yeah.

>> So special.


>> [LAUGH] >> How did you get into surfing and how old were you? >> I was five and there was this movie,I always loved it.

These fairies were taken tothe beach by some magical boat.

And there was this fairy called Bubbles,he pushed them into the waves and taught them how to surf.

And ever since I watched that movie, I've always wanted tosurf like the fairies.

>> Wow, and you do surf like the fairies.

I mean you're amazing.

I saw some pictures of you>> That's the reason>> That's amazing! I mean you're really, really good! >> [LAUGH]>> Look at you spinning around like that! [APPLAUSE] How often do you surf? >> As much as I can.

But I have to do chores to do competitions.

But my dad's a swimmer.

He's an Olympic bronze medalist forswimming, and if I wanna be a swimmer,I don't have to do any jobs.

But if I wanna be a surfer I've gotto do this gnarly list of jobs.

It's like cleaning the toilet.

They give me this gnarly, big list ifI want to do competitions for surfing.

And it's just they'vegot really long as well.

They think Sabre's never gonna get itdone, but I just set my mind to it and I always end up getting it done.


Sounds like they're trying to discourage you from surfing.

I don't know why they're doing that,cuz you're a good surfer.

I don't know why.

>> Cuz my dad was maybe a swimmer.

>> [LAUGH]>> I hate swimming.

Swimming sucks.

>> [LAUGH]>> Guys, really.

It's just really boring.

You watch the line.

It's like, it's not fun.

>> [LAUGH]>> It's like.

>> It doesn't seem like yourfather has impressed you much.

But it's not boring.

But what you're doing is more,it's really difficult what you're doing.

It's really very impressive.

So you're here and this is yourfirst time in the United States.

And I know there is someplace you really wanna go.

I would die to go to Las Vegas.

I give you my left arm because Ido research about this place and there must be a buffetin every single hotel.

>> [LAUGH]>> Don't you can get Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast and lava cake forbreakfast and crab legs for breakfast.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> And when I win a world title, and I'm rich, I'm gonna go there to celebrate,and I'm gonna eat whatever I want.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

>> You're very tiny, you're very petitebut it sounds like you eat a lot.

It sounds like->> I did this record for pizza, and it's 2 large pizzas andone slice from Pizza Hut, it was so good.

I vomited afterwards.

>> [LAUGH]>> You and your mother,your mother is here with you today, right? I'm gonna send right now,like as soon as you walk away.

You're getting on a plane,we're sending you to Las Vegas.

You're going to->> Aah! My god, I'm going to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas?>> Yes.

>> No.

>> Yes.


>> Yes, you're gonna stay atPlanet Hollywood and you're gonna also get >> No, no, no.

>> $500 >> $500 my God.

>> You can go and eat at all the buffets and guess what? Also we're gonna give you ticketsto go see Justin Bieber in Sydney.

>> Justin Bieber I love him andI've kissed him, I smooched and I put the speaker behind him andpretend like his singing Baby to me.

And my brothers and sisters, they don't like itthat much, but I just can't help myself.

>> [LAUGH].

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