Do these Kangaroo Shoes make you Jump Higher, or Just Look Dumb? | What Are Those?!?

[Nina] I'm putting myself up there with Rihanna.

[Nore] 'Cause you are! That's what I'm sayin! The opposite of a man.

What's the opposite of a man?!?! I got a pair of kicks that I had come in for you to review, and look 'em over, 'cause I know you like sneakers, you're a sneakerhead just like me.

Here we go: for you.

[explosion]I got.

The Kangaroo! [Nina] Oooooohhhh.

[Nore] Women's Joggers, Kangaroo sneakers.

With the lime green laces, go ahead, take that for yourself.

[Nina] Oh wow! These are BRIGHT! [Nore] We gotta talk about the pouch on the side tho.

[Nina] Okay, that is actually amazing.

This is the best thing because I have to put money and stuff in my bra when I'm running.

[Nore] Ahh! [Nina] So this is a solution for anyone who needs to put money or other things– [Nore] Weed.

Where do you think you would wear these? [Nina] You could wear these socially.

[Nore] Mhm.

[Nina] To like a.

[Nore] A brunch, or the club? You could wear these to the club? [Nina] Uhhhh.

[Nore] Okay.

[Nina] Like, Rihanna would definitely wear these.

[Nore] Yeah.

[Nina] She would wear these with like, a green, like, fur, big jacket.

[Nore] Okay! [Nina] And like a leather skirt.

And she'd wear these out to the club and everyone would be like, "That's amazing.

" [Nore] But what would YOU wear? Rihanna could wear poo and we'd be like, "Damn, man, how she making poop so sexy?" [Nina] Well, I'm putting myself up there with Rihanna.

[Nore] 'Cause you are- I mean, no you're- That's what I'm sayin! Oh, man, these are great.

[Nina] What does "man-made material" mean? [Nore] Uh, made by a damn man.

[Nina] What's the opposite of a man-made material? [Nore] The opposite of a man– [VO] What's the opposite of a man???? You blew my f*ckin mind, man.

You blew my mind, Nina! [Nore] So we got the Kangaroos in pink, the Attention Cara black platform pumps, and the Everlast sneaker-sports in leopard.

Nina, which ones would you f*ck, marry, and kill? [Nina] Okay, cool, well Everlast is a great brand, I actually love them, iconic.

And they have memory foam, and with Cheetah design, so it'd be exciting for life.

So I think I'd marry these, because they have support and a little excitement.

Obvi, these bad boys are a one night stand, for sure.

[Nore] Ohhhhhhh! [Nina] Definitely, definitely.

[Nore] Out on the town, downtown in Soho, aye look as us motherf*ckers! [Nina] And then next day, don't know you.

[Nore] YEP.

Don't even know you.

[Nina] Our Roos, I love them, they're practical, they're great, they look awesome, but I'm gonna have to kill them because.

[Nore] That was a nice, subtle kill, too, like walk 'em out into the woods.

[Nina] Shhhhh.

[laughs] [Nore] Like Lenny from Of Mice & Men.

[Nore] Nina, thank you so much for sittin' in here, joining me.

You are.

[Nina] Thank you for having me! [Nore].

A doll.

[Nina] It was so much fun.

[Nore] Peace.

See ya'll later, man.

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