Didgeridoin’ It Right // SONG VOYAGE // Australia //

[WEIRD SOUND] Hey, I was wondering if you could give meadvice on something.

There's this girl->> Yeah? >> I really like.

She likes me at least a moderateamount, I'm not sure how much.

I want to take us up from alevel four to about a level six.

>> Okay.

>> You have any advice? >> You play an instrument? >> I do, piano.

Pop off Chopin like nobody.

>> No, no, no, no, no.

You got it all wrong.

[SENSUAL BOOTY JAM] Some blokes try the piano Some blokes try the guitar But they're just kidding themselves those baby things won't get you far But the sound of a didgeridoo will make two bodies resonate You'll be moving around like kangaroos, kangaroos that wanna mate And you gonna go all night, night, night NIGHT When you're didgeridoin' it right, right, right, RIGHT [RESONANT DIDGERIDOO REVERBERATIONS] Didgeridoin' it right Stare into each others' eyes, experience transcendence Suddenly you understand the galaxy's existence Then in a flash you know just what stocks you should pick And exactly how to do all David Blaine's magic tricks Didgeridoin' it right, right, right, all night Didgeridoin' it right Think of it as a tool, you've got to use it well That's right Then you can put her absolutely underneath your spell Yeah, you got it When you become the master of your instrument you'll increase her pleasure by one hundred percent >> Wait, we're just singing about dicks, aren't we? >> No.

And you're gonna go all night, night, night, night When you're didgeridoin' it right, right, right, RIGHT! [SONOROUS DIDGE REVERBERATES] Didgeridoin' it right You'll hold each other close, until the break of day And realize all Shyamalan movies were great Suddenly string theory doesn't seem so complicated You forgive your high school bully, he musta had a tough situation Didgeridoin' it right, right, right all night Didgeridoin' it right When you master your didgeri-blaster >> This is definitelyabout wieners.

>> No, it's not.


You make her hit the rafters, faster and faster >> It doesn't reallymake sense though.

No one would want that.

>>Well I would want that.

>> I.

I want it.

>> That's two against one.

[MUSIC]>> Chad, none of these benefits are scientifically proven.

But hey girl, do you want toget into my control group? [SOUND] [RAD CHICKEN YODELING].

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