Crocodile Hunting and Kangaroo Petting in Jurassic Park Rainforest (No Kangaroo Fight)

– [Stephen] "Warning:Crocodiles inhibit this area.

Attacks may cause injury or death.

" (skateboard grinding on pavement) What's up everybody? Weare about to head to the Daintree Rainforest.

Andour first stop is this, the ferry to get across the river.

And we currently are waitingfor that ferry to come back and we will be on ourway and one step closer to getting into the rainforest, where we hopefully will see crocodiles.

– Maybe.

– [Stephen] Here's our first warning sign.

"Crocodiles inhabit this area.

" – [Stephen's Mom] Hey, Stephen's mom here.

I'm sitting in the frontseat because I got carsick when we went over the hills in the back.

So, unfortunately, I am incharge of the camera now.

This is the ferry unloading.

We're next.

Comin' on.

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This is awesome.

We just made it.

Start your engines.

Here we go.

Oh boy.

Watch out! Falling rocks.

I'm hangin' on.

It's a little scary.

How you doin' in the back? – (cheers) [Stephen's Mom] These are purplerocks.

Oh, they're painted.

[Carter] They might be eggs.

[Stephen's Mom] Enteringthe National Park.

– Were now at the Jurassic Park Forest.

– It's pretty cool, so if you guys are enthusiasts of the Jurassic Park movies, this is gonna be really cool.

– It is so cool already.

One, it's lush.

We're inthe jungle, the rain forest.

Two, here's the first model we get to see.

This is a "Minmi paravertabra.

" – The reason why it isthe Jurassic Park Forest is because it is such an old forest.

It's 130 million yearsold, so there's gonna be some very interestingvegetation as well as some very interesting animals,all sort of crazy, dangerous animals and thecamouflage is really cool, so it's gonna be hardto look out for them, but if you have a goodeye, we're gonna see some really cool stuff.

It's a little baby turtle.

So I got myself a latte.

– [Stephen] Carter'senjoying his latte in the middle of the rain forest.

She got eaten by a crocodile? – [Server] Her sister came ina couple of months afterwards.

– [Carter] She was onthe ground somewhere? – [Server] She was in the water – [Carter] Oh.

– [Server] She was standingknee-deep, like that, and the crocodile justcame up and grabbed her – (Gasp) -.

That kid in Florida.

It happens everyday.

– There's always someone, adog or something like that.

Like, the beach that I live on? In the last two weeks,four dogs have been eaten.

Walking with their owners on a leash – [Carter] Do they geteaten by crocodiles? – Mhm.

– Are there a lot ofthem around? Is that why? – Mhm.

That's why you don't swim.

There are signs everywhere that say, "Don't go swimming," so don't go swimming.

It's not there just incase.

It's there because there are crocodiles there.

That's a snake eating a crocodile.

– [Carter] A snake eating a crocodile? – [Stephen's Mom] Asnake eating a crocodile? – [Server] A snake eating a crocodile.

– [Carter] Oh my god.

– Snakes that aren't poisonousget bigger than a crocodile, which means any of us willget swallowed like that, no problem.

– So as Carter and I weredrinking that coffee thing, this lady that I justfilmed comes up to us and she's like, "You guys aren't swimming in the water right?" And we're like, "Uh.

" And she's like, "Youcannot swim in the water," she's like, "there are jellyfish in there.

These jellyfish around hereare not like in the states.

They will literally kill youwithin two and a half minutes, like, they sting so strong," and she says, "and besides if thatdoesn't get you, which a jellyfish is guaranteed to get you, a crocodile might getyou.

" And these crocodiles will eat you like crazy.

They are up to, what, six or 12 meters long, Carter? – Yeah, and she said lastweek, a lady got eaten by a crocodile.

Just last week.

– And if the crocodiles don't eat you, then there's snakes outhere that are bigger than the crocodiles that caneat the crocodiles that can eat you.

And if noneof that hurts you, then the plants can cause arash that will bother you for up to two and a halfyears and there's no medicine to treat it.

Youwill just be itchy for two and a half years.

So we really have to be careful out here.

It'sdefinitely scary, but I think as long as we'recareful and we're smart, we'll be okay.

Cassowary crossing sign.

Cassowaries are much bigger than ostriches and they are not friendly.

You cannot ride them.

She was talking about how people try to ride them,and what they do is they just end up kicking thepeople and then it just tears the insides out of people.

This is the beach wherethe lady got eaten.

Look how pretty it is.

Nowonder why she got eaten.

I totally would swim in here.

– I wanna swim, but look atthis sign they have posted.

– They say that there'sno swimming and stuff, but, I mean, I could not like resist.

That is such pretty water.

– There's an island out there.

I would love to swim in that.

– I would swim in thiseveryday.

They said on the third day she was here, shewas walking knee-deep in the water and she just got taken.

We are still on the huntfor some exotic animals but we're stopping to getlunch.

Look at this insane mountain view behind us.

This is the little cafe we're stopping at.

We're literallyin the middle of nowhere so it's, like, so surreal thatthere's, like, food out here.

You ready for this? This is wild.

So they offer exotic meatshere.

You can try these burgers: Crocodile, Emu, Kangaroo,Boar, Buffalo, Camel, or Roadkill.

I think they'relying about the roadkill.

Maybe I'll order crocodile.

Maybe they'll smell the crocodile if I eatit, so when I go out there they'll be more attractedto come and say hi.

Oh, they also have aswimming hole here out back.

"No crocodiles in the Swimming Hole!" There's freshwatercrocodiles, but the freshwater crocodiles are only twometers big and apparently they just swim away fromyou.

So we won't run into saltwater crocodiles thereat least, but we might run into some freshwaters.

A guy gave us bread andsaid, go down to the watering hole, to like feed the fishand stuff while you're waiting.

Check this out.


Feeding the fish.

This water is actually really clear.

Youcan, whoa, see every fish.

I'm assuming these are man-made,but they're very peaceful.

When the sun hits them, just gorgeous.

We're literally in a swimming hole in the middle of the rainforest.

My mom is out there makingher own little tower.

Baby turtle! – [Carter] Oh, he's hungry – So cute.

Oh my gosh, he's so cute.

– [Carter] Oh, there's a big one.

– (gasps) Oh my gosh, that one's huge.

Here he comes, all the way out.

(gasps) Oh my gosh.


(shushes) Nice.

That's crazy.

He looksso extraterrestrial.

Guys, here is the dish, wehave boar, camel, buffalo roo, what's roo? – Kangaroo.

– Kangaroo.

– Duh.

– Croc, and emu.

Alright, I'm gonna try one of each.

– This is camel.

– Camel with how many humps? – [Stephen's Dad] I love my lady lumps.

– It's good.

– I can't even put my fingeron it, what it tastes like.

– Crocodile.

Wow, this is reallygood.

No wonder why they want to attack people.

– What does it taste like? – I don't know but it tastes good.

Like chicken.

– Yeah? – Yeah.

– This is boar.

That was really good.

– And the emu now.

Tastes like beef.

– Kangaroo.

There's likethings hanging out of it.

I don't know what that is.

It's kind of like beefy, I guess.

– Buffalo, last one.

Tastes like a burger but with bacon.

My favorite meat that Iate was the wild boar.

– I like the crocodile.

– Now we're done with that.

We are now going to do this, "Electric Bike Tours.

" Ihave no idea what it is.

– We're doing that? – Yeah, we're doing that.

I think we're gonna go somewhereup in the mountains here and ride down, ride up,I have no idea.

I don't even know what anelectric bike looks like.

But we'll find out.

These bikes are sick.

Lunch lady.

Oh yeah.

(upbeat pop music) – Oh, this is so cool! (upbeat pop music) – [Stephen] (cheers) Carter, wasn't that so much fun? – That was so much fun.

I didn't even know that they had bikes, let alone in the middle of nowhere, jungle rainforest.

– I didn't even know whata e-bike was.

I thought it was just, like, a little moped thing, but it's like a bike and when you pedal, the machine kicks in andyou can just go up hills and not have to put anyeffort in.

It's like, the lazy way to mountain bike.

– Yeah, it's basicallya dirt bike that looks like a mountain bike – But it's really fun.

I highly recommend it if you guys have never triedit, you gotta look them up and just try one.

They're so much fun.

Now we are doing somemore jungle exploring.

We're actually off a beatentrail so this is only ground.

They said they don'trecommend you going on-trails that aren't above the ground,and this is on the ground and I don't know wherewe're going, but we have to constantly be aware ofour surroundings and make sure that no animal isgoing to jump out at us, so I kinda have to talk quietlyso we can hear everything that's going on aroundus, so this is actually really, really dangerous.

Enormous tree.

Lookhow tall this thing is, just keeps going and going.

It's huge.

Look at this.

It's so fat, too.

"Warning: Crocodiles inhabit this area.

Attacks may cause injury or death.

" Notice how it didn't saycrocodiles may inhabit this area.

They said crocodilesinhabit this area.

It is known to have crocodileshere, so we have got to be very careful.

Wegotta stay away from the shore's edge line, andwe just gotta constantly look out.

They could alsoclimb all the way up here, so it's very, very, very dangerous.

So we made it to thebeach.

This is absolutely gorgeous.

However, there arecrocodiles in this water.

It's just a matter of whether we see them.

Okay, we found a crocodile egg.

– This looks like acrocodile egg.

It's hollow.

– A way to spot crocodilesin this ocean, it's very, very hard, but you'llsee like very little, tiny little pebbles stickingout, and that's actually their eyes, and what theydo is they just creep in the water, and if youget close enough and if they're hungry enough,they will charge up to two meters out of thewater, full speed, grab you, clapse you, crasp, clap,cr- I don't know how to say that word.

Claspyou and take you under, and they will drag you for miles.

And what is that, Carter? Oh my gosh, guys, there's a shark.

Where? Where, where, where, where? – [Carter] Right, it'sgonna be over here now.

– Oh, I see it.

He's in there.

Carter, I just heard aweird noise.

Be careful.

– There he is.

– Where? Oh yeah, a shark.

– [Woman] I don't see him.

– [Carter] Right there.

– Good news is we made it back safely.

We saw the beautiful beach.

Bad news, slash kinda not bad news,is that we didn't see a crocodile, but that'sokay because if we did, we would've been trappedout there.

I don't know what we would've done to get back.

Super super fun in thejungle but I'm just happy to be back alive.

We didn'tsee any crocodiles today.

Kinda good, kinda bad.

Butwill be still on the search, so hopefully we'll find one tomorrow.

So if you guys like thisvideo, make sure to give it a thumbs up.

Staytuned because we searching for crocodiles tomorrow sothat's gonna be in the next vlog.

And until next time, stay awesomeand share the love.


There's one right there, andthere, there's one.

Oh yeah.

(banging) – [Man] Hello.

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