Here I am with BillySuper Billy He is going to compete for the first stage at Ninja Academy So we are going there early to hear the rules I am his assistant cameraman It's quite cool, apparently there are 60 people attending the competition There is a new surprise obstacle.

We don't know more about it So it will be the exciting thing of the day That's dope, we will see skilled people We will see athletes super trained So I think it's going to be a lot of funAnd that's it See you over there The Ninjas are regrouping Some serious skills in here.

That's it, it's overAnd we stayed much longer than expected Billy was the 4th to run.

And finally we stayed 2/3 more hours That was really cool People were really supporting when the athletes were struggling with an obstacle There was a lot of support Happy to see and feel that The feeling of competition was barely present Mainly support for this first stage So that was really pleasant But unfortunately Billy fucked up the rope obstacle He wasn't focused enough, he didn't sleep enough, he was partying the night before Not a clever move So quite disapointed, but at the end, we had such a good fun So now I'm going to work on editing this video for it to be pleasant to be watched Let me know if you like it And I'm pretty happy, I did front flipsNow there is a gymnastic floor When was the last time I did some?It was in Thailand.

I tried and it workedSo, really happy And I've got a small challenge for you the sporty people You have to keep your body super straight against the bar It doesn't seem difficult but it's pretty tough.

Have a try and let me know if it's working So that was really cool, there were inspiring people But not many girls were competing, which is a shame.

And some of the few running failed the very first obstacle Simply because the walked above the starting line And it really sucks because they seemed to be serious athletes So we couldn't watch them.

Directly disqualified What a pity That's it !I hope you enjoyed watching this video And have a lovely day.

Source: Youtube