Costo de vida en Australia Enero 2016!

Hello I'm Andrea Palacios Blue Studies International and now #AskAndreaPalacios they will answer a very common questions that make us students and that's about how much better lifestyle in Australia how much they have to pay per month on accommodation, transport, on market then, the first thing we have to see what city is going to live, there are cities more expensive in Australia than others then for example Sydney and Perth are the most expensive cities in Australia, after We have Melbourne that is a little more economic, but not the most economical say it is like in the middle and we Brisbane and Adelaide who are a little cheaper, then if we start also it depends accommodation much where you go to live, the closer living the city center to the city which is where most people prefer live for comfort do not have to take public transport are near their schools that are close to work, it is a bit more expensive then they can get more and less room between AU $ 150 to AU $ 250 Dollars also it depends if you want to share your room with someone is something to become very common among students International you share a room with someone to download a little income the price of rent, then the farther the city is a bit more economic but also have to pay for public transport, then it depends how you want to live if you want to share a room with someone or if you want have your own space and live a little further, when I say a little more far can be 20, 30 to 40 minutes by public transport which is not bad that time many people use it to read, study a little, the system transport in Australia is very good we train in the case of Melbourne We tram, have buses ferry in Sydney and we always have there times they are accurate know exactly what time will pass each transport the other is the transport issue since we are talking about that, basically you can spend It depends how you want to buy the tickets you can buy daily they can buy weekly, they can buy monthly and can cost up to $ 180 – $ 200 dollars a week depend on the area you live transport contrary to housing is the farther living is more expensive between live closer it is a little cheaper and the rest is for example the market and the outputs you do if for example you are Judicious and you'll cook you do market you will not spend as much because eating out is really a bit expensive going out to restaurants you can out pretty expensive then by example I tell my case I market every eight days I go to the market place and more or less I spend AU $ 100 dollars a week good food buying buying buying fish buying salmon buying chicken meat, vegetables, so if you can save a little on market if you do market instead of eating out then on average for a live well not many luxuries person you spend $ 1,000 to AU AU $ 1,200 dollars a month, the immigration department has estimated that a female student can spend AU $ 1550 dollars per month but as I said depends on your lifestyle, if you are going out several times, if they smoke cigarettes for example are very expensive in Australia, it is something they have to be account and maybe it's a good thing because a lot of people that come leaves a little cigarette by the high price of cigarette packs, there can not buy an individual cigarette have to buy the whole pack for recapitulating more and less I'm talking specifically Melbourne you'll spend between AU $ 1000 and AU $ 1200 dollars a month to live comfortable in Sydney can be a little more because the accommodation and transport rises little or Brisbane and Adelaide will be a little less but for you more or less have an idea of ​​how much is in good Australia one thing I want to clarify is that the prices they are talking about are in Australian dollar The Australian dollar is a bit cheaper than the dollar American the Australian dollar to this day is January 25, 2006 is AU $ 2,300 Colombian pesos for then to take this into account is not US dollar It is Australian Dollar well I hope this information has helped them a lot and if they have any another question about Australia please feel free to write below this video and gladly the I will answer soon, thanks.

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