Costco Low Carb Keto Grocery Shopping Haul – Melbourne, Australia

hello and welcome back to my channel i am going to costco today I'm so excited I haven't been in forever.

A friend is taking me along as a guest so I'm gonna go to costco and do a big shop and then share haul with you and and if you're not already subscribed to my channel make sure you subscribe now I'm on the low carb keto diet.

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I had such a fun shop.

I will now show you all of my low carb keto friendly goodies.

Starting with enormous bag of cacao powder I was just running out and this will probably last, it's a whole kilogram bag of cacao powder, it is going to last me for ages i've got a couple of things that you guys as you'll see it's quite a small shop actually but of things that are going to last me for a long time this is apple cider vinegar organic apple cider vinegar, I use it in salad dressings and I make chicken broth it's awesome to include and use in my shopping and I've got extra virgin coconut oil look at the size of this one and a half liters it worked out such amazing value that was one thing I haven't been to costco long time and Costco's usually things in bulk and cheap but i was a bit cheeky i was sitting there on my phone looking up coles online and comparing coles prices and actually found coles prices to be the same if not cheaper for a lot of groceries that I buy every day so I didn't get a lot of groceries I'm so just know your prices, costco you can be led in and you think that everything is so cheap and some things are at the huge bargain i found was this avocado oil that was such an amazing bargain compared to the price that I would normally pay at coles this is a whole liter of avocado oil and it's a fraction of the cost it works out to and this will last me months if not a whole year leader i usually get 200 ml bottles which don't last very long so this will last me ages this wonderful avocado oil over here and moving over turkey bacon here and I've never seen this before it looks so fun turkey bacon look forward to making that and having some fun with that and feta I've been buying this feta for a little while if you've seen our videos but it's a bigger one 500 grams the ones i usually get a much smaller so i was happy to get those and this whipped cream I mean I've got this brand before from local IGA and Food works stores but they had these huge one catering whipped cream huge 1i like my strawberries and cream sometimes i use fresh cream sometimes it's nice to have these and they had a really long use-by date best-before 19th of october and check out the macros ok ingredients aren't really marvelous but when you look the macros and carbs point-six per serve so I get to have my lovely whipped cream and just yum yum yum and of course eggies! some eggs i got just a small pack of free-range eggs and that right needed and mushrooms that was really all the vegetables that I got you might be surprised I just comparing the prices of everything need to come to what i usually pay it's really just coles is cheaper and i'm sure if I went to a market it would be cheaper again but I needed mushrooms and it was five dollars for this which is pretty much comparable to supermarkets that something actually needed and the last thing i got with these they're quite interesting variety pack of Almonds so they're blue diamond almonds and the macros on them weren't amazing but they will be fun for a snack to keep anymore couple of times we have been called out i had my bar and i'm still being hungry it'll be good to have one of these in 5.

4 yeah a little on the high side but remember they're nuts and then some fiber in that as well excuse the mess the background there's some fiber and that as well so fact is useful let's just have that back some nice nuts i look forward to trying as you can see that is pretty much the haul it's a very small haul and I've got a few little bits and bobs for the boys and as well as they don't follow keto, my husband I do but these products will last for ages and for us personally I'm not going to actually go and get a costco membership i was happy shopping with a friend and I think just maybe once every six or so months maybe also the turkey bacon maybe the whipped cream just it's better it's better value but for just those two things for me it's not worth it i know this avocado oil is going to last me and the coconut oil is going to last me and good it's going to last me a long time so i won't really need to race back there so that was our Costco Shop and haul.

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So that's the video for today thank you so much watching and I would really appreciate if you'd like to comment and let me know if you shop regularly at costco watch do you get? Here in Australia and so the products that we get you will probably be different to it you can get and the cats coming to have a sniff of course alright so we'll see you again soon bye.

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