Confirmed! UFO Caught SPEEDING Toward Australia From Sea! 5/17/16

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I actually just posted this video a few minutes ago and then deleted it after I figured out that I had COMPLETELY destroyed and screwed up what I was talking about.


This story actually takes place in South Wales *New South Wales, Australia.

And I was saying that it had happened in England.

Because I'm completely ignorant when it comes to reading these English maps and I saw Wales and when I hear Wales, I think of England.

So I said England through out the video and I went ahead and deleted it as soon as I had seen the screw up.

So I apologize for that! And-uh-yeah, everybody makes mistakes.

Nonetheless, got that video down and now we got this new one up and basically what's happened is.


A major news website out of New Zealand Reported-uh-on a man who had been monitoring a flight tracker app.

And for those of you who don't know what a flight tracker app is: it's basically a mobile-app or app on your computer that let's you track commercial airliners Anything on radar.

Basically you treh-you're watching a radarscreen of flights in the area.

So he was watching this-uh-flight tracking radar, Over-ehm-New South Wales Which is near Melbourne, Australia.

It's actually on the right.

Lower right-hand corner of Australia.

And he witnessed.

Basically an object, zooming across the screen going.

over 100 times as fast as any of the other planes showing up on the radar flying across the ocean heading towards the Canberra area And.


The New Zealand news website what was originally reported by TheBreakfast Crew and they got ahold of the source and basically they talked toone of the reporters on the website who had discovered this UFO appearing on oneof their traffic cameras or weather cameras and as you're seeing here they caught this object coming intosight heading away from the city I look to bemaneuvering i'm not sure if it went back out to sea because again this isbreaking news and there's actually a full video on this on the breakfast clubwebsite and we will link to that down in the video description but they trackedthis object and actually caught it on this weather cam as you're seeing and wewill go ahead and zoom in and slow this down for you and as you can see it does not look likea plane or or anything like that and I definitely think we have a legitimateyou know unidentified object here and it's another one of these UFOs that's caught screaming you know speeding by from theocean and if you remember we posted a recent video which were basically peoplehad witnessed a UFO off the coast of Yorkshire England and fighter jets wereactually scrambled and sent out over the ocean and it was later said well Ibelieve this is a cover story and that the fighter jets were scrambled and bythe way everyone in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas heard these loud sonicbooms created by the fighter jets but they said that the fighter jets werejust escorting an airliner from France that had been having trouble with itscommunications equipment this radio and then come to find outthat just a month earlier the same thing happened.

People were reporting and anunidentified object off the coast and fighter jets were scrambled for a secondtime flying way out over the ocean at which point they said this time it was aprivate plane that was having trouble with its communications equipment.

So this happened one month after theother off the coast of Yorkshire England where people reported a speeding UFOthat had come up out of the ocean and I just think it's very odd that now wehave another UFO this time seen on radar and you can see the radar here mean thisthing is flying.

It is going massively fast,much faster than any of the surrounding airliners on the radar map and now wehave the second piece of footage from the sky cam showing the object inquestion and you'll notice in the video from the Breakfast Crew that they don'tthink it looks like a plane or a helicopter that they've ever seen beforeand yeah it's just a very mysterious sighting that's again just just breaking so ifyou have any other information if you live in the Victoria area, the Canberraarea in New South Wales be sure to contact us.

Our email is down inthe video description and yeah send us an email if you have any info orvideos or just any new information about [Music starts] this and will keep all of you guysupdated.

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