Chilenos en Australia: ¿Cómo se viaja en Australia? – Transporte Público ENG SUB

PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN AUSTRALIA This is the type of bus stop that we have in Australia The bus doesn't stop in all stops in majority of them, yes.


if it says this.

(Signal Driver) It means that you need to signal the driver for them to be able to stop otherwise the driver won't stop.

From this stop, i can take any of the two buses, that's number 745 and number T70 and this is the time table that shows the times when the bus is coming and this is what we use, It's called OPAL card and it's named that way in honour to a rock named opal, which is one of the most famous rocks here in Australia and they have many different mining companies who explote these rocks so here it is.

Here in Australia you do something with the card that is called tap on/tap off Firstly you do tap on, that is like tapping on the BIP(chilean transport card) in the tótem that's tapping on, and it means that there is where you got in the bus.

So, the system recognizes your card and before going off the bus you do tap off, and the system recognises your card again and checks how many kilometers you traveled, what was your last stop.

where did u take the bus and where did you went off the bus, and it charges you based on that, so it's not the same price for every trip, but it depends on where are you going.

Also, you can register on the website And that means if you lose your Opal card and someone finds it, they can call you and let you know That also makes it a lot easier for you to top up/recharge You can do it automatically, for example.

Link it with your bank account, and the card will be automatically top up with money if your Opal card has around 20 dollars and it recharges you $50, $100 or whatever you want it to be The bus is supposed to come in one minute So I'm going to let you know how it goes.

5 MINUTES LATER Here comes the bus.

You always let people get off the bus first, otherwise it gets complicated There it show you how much money you have left and you just go find a seat Those are the "totem" where you do tap on/tap off now it says please wait because sometimes people tap off before really getting off the bus And that means that they will be charged less So.

some people tricks the system The "totem" is now activated and it says Tap on/Tap off here She is getting off through the front door How much it charged you / How much you have left I just got off in Glenwood So as you guys see, the screen shows how much money I have left And how much I was charged for the trip That way is a lot easier to know when do I need to top up my Opal card and how much is charging you Well is a little bit late now but, Today I showed you how Australians move from one part to another with the Opal Card How is the public transport So I really hope that you understand a little bit more about it So gather some other questions because more videos are coming! Bye!!.

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