Celebrate Australia with a Lamb BBQ


Hey! What do ya reckon? Crackin' spot.

Fire up the barbie.

(SIZZLES) Anyone else comin'? Oh, beautiful spot like this?It'll be packed before you know it.

(FANFARE) Oh, here we go.

Did you organise the chips and dips? Yeah.

Great spot! Ah, thank you.

How long have you guys been here? Since.

Forever, mate.

(FANFARE) (LAUGHS)Hey, where are you mob from? We, sir, are from Great Britannia.

We are the First Fleet.

-Yeah, not quite, mate.

-(LAUGHTER) Bonjour! Oh, my God, it's the French! Fromage.

(FANFARE) -It's the Germans.

-GERMANS: Prost! At least they brought their own.

Who's bringing the ice? (WINDS BLOW) How many bags do we need, Dougie? Keep chipping, Shackles!It's gonna be big.

-(SHIP GROANS AND CRACKS)-Oh, fiddlesticks! (FANFARE) China's arrived.

Where'd you get those? Fyshwick.

What's this, the 16th First Fleet? Aye.

It's the Italians,the Greeks and.

Serbians? (TECHNO DANCE MUSIC) Hey, mate,do you know where the backyard is? We've got about about 4,000 k'sof it out here.

Need a wicket? Trust me, you'll need one of thesearound 2am.

Chilli sauce? You did remember to letthe neighbours know, right? -Yeah.

-Mmm! Choice barbecue, eh, bro? Eh, where should we putthe chilly bin? I couldn't keep 'em away.

(STRUMS GUITAR) Should we crack a vegan joke? Nah.

It's not a party without ice! Oh, fiddlesticks! -Hey, guys.

What's the occasion?-Do we need one? (FANFARE) Look! It's the boat people.

-Hang on.

Aren't we all boat people?-And you're welcome! SONG: # What is love? # Look! It's the float people! # Don't hurt me no more.

# Hello, sailor! Hi, guys.

-# Baby, don't hurt me.

#-(FIREWORKS EXPLODE) Thanks for having us, guys.

Great spot for a barbie.

Best in the world.

# Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh # Oh-oh-oh-oh # Oh-oh.


Source: Youtube