Cairns Australia Great Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Tour and Cruise

– Today I am so excited to experience the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world.

And how are we gonna get there? On a helicopter.

And we're airborne, whooo-hooo.

– Now we're just gonna go climb down to about 1,000 feet.

See if you can get a perspective of how big the GreatBarrier Reef really is.

– Wow, this view is extraordinary.

I just can't believe I'm flyingover the Great Barrier Reef.

This is the experience of a lifetime.

Is that our boat in the distance? – That's us, this is (pastix) reef guys.

– Okay, coming in for landing.

That was amazing.

I think the only better thing is maybe to get closer and hop right in.

Okay, we're all aboard.

Here we go.

– The Great Barrier Reef has a very diverse aquatic environment with lots of prettycolors and lots of fish to keep you occupiedwhile you're on your dive.

– As you're going alongand you can just see all the different fish, thecoral, it's just so neat to see this beautiful,natural wonder of the world.

With all that water, Iworked up an appetite.

Time for lunch.

Whether you get there by boat or by sky, the Great Barrier Reef is amust when you visit Australia.

Source: Youtube