Cafe in Australia Serves Up Coffee 80 Times Stronger Than Espresso Shot

Ever feel like your coffee just doesn't quite have enough kick? Well some folks down-under have brewed a pick-me-up so strong it could keep you energized for up to 18 hours.

The "Asskicker" iced coffee from Vicious Coffee in Adelaide reportedly contains more than 12 times the daily limit recommended by the U.


Food and Drug Administration in one serving and 80 times the amount of caffeine in a shot of espresso.

Cafe owner Steve Benington told Australia's The Advisor the drink was originally developed for an emergency nurse on an overnight shift but had to be toned down after it kept her up for almost three days.

The coffee does come with a health warning for people with heart or blood pressure issues and is meant to be consumed gradually over several hours.

Dietitian Tanya Lewis told The Advisor, "Caffeine is a drug, not a game.

It needs to be respected not abused.

" For NewsBeat Social, I'm Chad Carter.

Source: Youtube