Byron Bay – Australia Vlog

So, this time we're going to Byron Bay! I'm so happy Because.

I think that is the place I like the most Is an amazing place Is a really hippie town All I was expecting about Australia I found it there And.

When I arrived to Brisbane.

Is a city and is not the same for me.

When I went there was something amazing for me I loved it And I was waiting to go again Until.

Today! Because my Italian friend.

The one that is living with me Was living there and she told me.

Why we don't go there a few days? The thing is that this week I wasn't working a lot.

So, we said; why not? We are going to Byron Bay! With my friend Alba that lives with me also.

My best friend.

We're going to Byron and we will stay like 4 days there.

And because my Italian friend was living there She has friendships there and know places to go I'm going to film everything! And I'm going to enjoy it a lot! The other thing is that.

Me and one friend of mine found a camera Sometimes is like this in Australia.

So, you find cameras on the street.

You find a lot of things on the street.

This is the amazing camera! Is not a joke, really! I'm practising with her to do better videos Because I love it I enjoy it so much and.

And the best training will be in Byron Bay I'll use it a lot I'm going to make a lot of videos.

A lot, a lot of videos! And you are going to come with me We're in Byron!! We have arrived to Byron And now we're going to the Back packer We have already wake up And we are going to the market So early in the morning Manu 😀 Smells like pi We're lying down and we started to smell it Maybe we're going to change the place We've gone to the awesome beach that Manu showed to us Which is the main beach of Byron Bay The one that everyone goes, the closest one, the easiest one And the most.

not the most beautiful but it was so beautiful And.

I think we're going to learn surf Because I've been here like 5 months And I don't even know how to do surf And Manu has been here almost 4 years And she don't know yet how to do it So, we're going to try it And we're starving so, We're going to.

To buy something to eat And then, we will hang out with some friends of Manu Aaaand.

We'll see where we go I think we'll go to see some shops We'll see This is what I bought We've found a barbeque in Byron Of the church And it's free for everyone And in addition they have vegan food This is incredible So, it's free.

Everyone can eat.

I don't know If you can eat again but, This trip has ended.

We're waiting for the bus And we're leaving again to Brisbane.


Was so beautiful.

We're going to miss it a lot.

And the girls.

Bye Bye Byron Bay.

Source: Youtube