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WA building inspectors say homes are being built with more defects than ever before unlicensed tradesmen are being blamed with dodgy plastering and roof leaks among the top complaints.

At first glance this Ellenbrook home appears shiny and new, but look closer and the cracks begin to show in the walls and the tiles, paint is also flaking off dodgy plastering in every room and the property is just two-years-old.

Incredibly frustrating because you you think that these these regulations and laws are their to protect you add to that a building 101 fail with an unlevel kitchen beach.

To fix up the sink I put in some packers here there are plenty more disgruntled homeowners just like page Kenny softwar plastering caused by shortcutting materials is the number one problem found by the state's building inspectors, followed by showers leaking through waterproofing into walls, structural roof problems, roof leaks and poor tiling.

Most of those issues from trades that don't require licenses.

I think we're seeing a substantial increase in the amount of building defects and the amount of poor building workmanship over the last 12 months more than we've ever seen.

The Building Commission admits the mining and construction boom gave way to some substandard workmanship, complaints soaring from 815 in 2012 to 964 in 2015 but dropping in the last financial year.

it's always possible that some defects can turn up in any bill that we don't see evidence of a systemic problem.

John Samuel disagrees the plastering at his sons home needed replacing and still isn't up to scratch.

Make sure the walls clean before you start then pull the tape off the wall and it pulls the paint off.

The retired cabinetmaker says that if the plastic sticks to the back of the paint it isn't set properly, the same goes if its chalky enough to pick at.

He's now created a Facebook page titled Shonky Builders WA, within two months it's attracted more than 1,500 followers posting hundreds of photos of unacceptable works and naming and shaming 28 builders.

It's a pandemic because they're all basically using these cheap shocking tradesmen.

Before building a home the advice is to ask builders to show you some of their jobs under construction to assess the quality, then engage a building inspected to keep a close watch throughout the project.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Rene Henry 9 news.

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