Bigfoot Australia, The Yowie: Chronicle 3: Footprints

Just outside our big shed, just at the front of the block.

My son and I were up here about an hour ago.

He was doing weights and I was doing some work in the shed and just to give you a bit of an idea huh that's when my son was up there.

I was down here working on working on stuff and I had to go outside cause I had to wash out a paintbrush and just as I was coming outside to open the door.

Immediately upon opening the door my son heard really fast two-footed running quite heavy, quite fast.

As I was walking out here, I was walking up steps and had to come up here to the tap here and rinse the brush out there and as I was rinsing the brush out our dog just went crazy.

We have a kelpie, Molly and um, I heard her running hundred-mile-an-hour barking and she was running sort of through there heading in that direction and you can see in the distance up there, that's one of our driveways.

And um she went up there I couldn't see anything run through there.

I think whatever ran through there, um went through before but Molly ran out there barking and um Keegan came running out and told me what he'd heard and um one of the strange things that I noticed too.

Um I came out was this stench.

They say that um Yowies smell really bad and I've never really noticed that before, any of the previous encounters.

I stepped outside and there was like this really rank, wet dog slash cow smell.

I can't really describe it but it was pretty ferral and it was funny I was just thinking that possibly there was a Yowie or something out here right before the dogs started going crazy.

Anyhow um, went out and had a look.

My wife came up in the car and we started to investigate some um footprints.

Um, so what my son heard was, he was on the other side of this door here.

What he heard was running down this footpath here and then sort of a change of direction heading that way and then it almost turned around back on itself and headed up into that driveway up there.

So from there down here, scooting around and then up there.

Now um, funny enough, we went and looked for some tracks after this and it's quite amazing what we found.

Trying to get ther camera to pick it up here.

Smallish sort of footprints there, what you've gotta understand is at the time when this happened, um the ground was really wet and these footprints were dry patches in the ground.

These two are really close together and then come up here, there's another bigger one there and talking about about, that's my finger width there.

that's quite a smaller one.

There's another one.


There There.

The biggest ones coming up here.

There's a really big one right here.

Now that's the width of my hand, put my foot in there sort of the way to my foot.

Remembering again the ground was wet here, so they took a dry patch out.

There's no-one really close i'm actually thinking that was two.

Whatever was there was two.

There's another one there.

It's really hard to pick up.

Um trying to pick it up on the camera there.

Right there.

Um and it just keeps going up here.

There's one there.

So it's really hard to get a good look at it with the torch.

One there.

It continues up in the same direction that Keegan heard it running.

My Son.

It gets a bit hard there so you can't really pick it up there, another really big one here.

Right there.

Um another one there.

And then um, it's a little bit scarce through there.

Then when we sort of head further up this way.

Right there.

There's a massive one.

Pretty hard to see again, with the shadows trying to get a good shot here.

Then we get the torch out the way.

Right there where it's just dug up the gravel.

Again there, there.

Wherever I shine the torch, um then there's another one right here and then it continues on up our driveway which is actually hard stone and concrete.

Um I walked out there onto the street and had a look around, couldn't see anything.

Did hear some wood tapping over on the neighbors block which is sort of covered in trees so couldn't see anything.

My dogs up there now having a good look around.

Can't see anything or hear anything or smell anything at the moment but, these footprints are the firs,t probably, probably running footprints, of.

See there's another one right there.

The footprints of something running and look its.

The footprints way bigger than a dog paw or anything like that.

I'm, I'm suspecting there's two of whatever it is because there's some prints that are really close together which anything with a footprint.

sort of that size as ahh, is going to have bigger strides than that.

Um, seem to be different sized footprint too so I'm thinking there's two of them.

Either that or its was a rather large four-footed animal screaming up there at a hundred mile an hour.

Um it was fast because by the time I had gotten out of the door and up to the the um tap, whatever it was had already reached the stone concrete pavement which is why I didn't see anything when I shone the torch, but all I heard was our dog running up there.

Yeah, so this is the first real sort of strong evidence that I've seen of any large, continuous set of footprints.

It was clearly something running, one foot after the other and really kicking up, kicking up the stones.

Ahh Whats um of considerable note is the timing.

Like I said we were in the shed um doing various things.

It rained while we were in the shed which is what created the wetness of the ground.

the moment I walked out of the the door is when the activity took place and then we saw the footprints, fresh footprints.

They were dry patches so it happened very very recently.

Um um, so I've got no doubt.

Look in terms of the existence of the Yowie, I haven't actually had a full-on visual sighting yet.

I've seen something something large moving through the bushes down by the riverbank.

I'd say in terms of my level of belief I'm about ninety-five percent there.

There is definitely something on our block.

Something large, something two legged, um and something ahh, unhuman if you like.

Um so that's our latest happening out here again.

Again, recapping some of these footprints there.

I don't know if you can see that a little bit better there.

Um I'll get a bit of a zoom on it.

That's one of the footprints there.

It's been disturbed.

Um, sort of there, um shine the torch.


But most of the really clear ones is where it sort of started to really take off.

So there's one there.

See how it's broken up.

The really big one.

Oh there's one big one there, again.

But the really big one.

Well there's one big one there.

I keep saying the same thing over and over again.

Again, small footprint there.

The width of it.

This is the really deep one.

Something really got a foothold there.

See the size of my foot? Whatever went in there was wider than my foot.

So my foot's a size 13.

I'm about 6'1, a size 13 foot.

It's at least my size or bigger.

And then continuing on down here, this is where they get really close together.

One, two.

One, two close together there.

And there are some that are smaller which is like I said, makes me think.

There's fairly clear one here.

Right there.

I think they are fairly quite light on their feet at times too.

I really.

The only reason they left footprints this time because were in a bit of a panic.

Generally they are fairly light footed which is why I don't think we've seen a lot.

But this is pretty cool.

So what we have worked out by what my son heard.

He said he sort of heard some moaning, breathing and moaning as it was running.

Straight down through here.

Turned the corner, accelerated really fast, and up to our driveway up there.

And up out the front.

Out on to the main street, up the road, um which is where the creek runs all the way through to the national forest which is where I think, if they are coming from somewhere that be it.

Anyway, we'll see what happens from here.

Might get some more activity tonight.

There's been a lot happening lately.

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