Bigfoot Australia, The Yowie: Chronicle 2: The Running

OK, it's the 20th June, 2016 Just putting another entry into the Yowie Files.

The dogs have just gone off again.

I was about to just give an account of ahh something that happened earlier tonight but we must be having something happening here now.

Lets just see.

(Dog barks) Its not too dark here tonight.

It's a full moon.

The dogs are going crazy.

Just gonna go through the gate.

Not going to shut it in case I need a quick get away.

My torch isn't real great at the moment unfortunately.

Now earlier tonight.

I was in our shed there I was just doing a weights session and um, about halfway through, that's the shed there, about halfway through just down that track there.

Wish the torch was a bit better its not real good.

Um, I heard some very heavy footsteps.

They weren't four footed, they were two footed.

They were heavy, very slow more like a plodding footstep but whatever was running was moving very fast.

Was sort of like a Doog, doog, doog, doog, doog.

It was moving across the ground really fast.

It took off up to the street again where it seems to be coming from and in the past it's come in from.

up from the riverbank.

whatever it is seems to be coming in from the front of the property working its way up the street from the creek further down the street.

Mollys got something pinned up the.

Up there, I don't know what it is.

Somethings definitely hangin round tonight Dare say I've got a little bit of a shiver up my spine.

scared as what I possibly could be because to date whatever's been coming on our property like I keep saying, I am suspicious it's the Yowie.

I now we've certainly had foxes come on here before.

The dogs do get stirred up by the foxes.

But um what I heard tonight was certainly no fox! And the only other alternative is that it was human.

But if it was human it was bloody one very heavy very fast human being.

Mollys gone further up the street.

So again, that's the track past our shed.

I was just inside those doors doing weights.

And the running came straight down here back up the driveway.

the same direction as the footprints we found the other night when my son and I were doing weights it was (indistinct).

Just heard something behind me Think I'm gonna head back Ay, when you are curious about something, and you're really keen to find out about it.

It's amazing some of the stupid decisions you make.

I guess time will tell, won't it? Mollys gone right up the street.

Molly, our kelpie.

The cow there doesn't seem to be too fussed about anything at this stage.

Yeah so.

And it's a full moon tonight.

You actually see quite a bit.

And I've just heard something else again.

Just heard a growl.

Don't really know where that's coming from.

The old spine is starting to tingle a bit.

Curiosity is getting the better of me unfortunately.

Shine it up where our basketball hoop is.

Problem is there is we got so much bush, trees and gardens in here, it's very easy for something to hide.

I gotta get some more batteries in this torch 'cause I'm not seeing much at all.

This is actually a mag light but its running out of battery I'm losing focus here.

Anyhow, shining the full moon up there.

And back down the driveway.

The house is up there.

It's actually a beautiful night.

Beautiful night! Well we may hear some more activity later.

Apart from a couple of growls and the dogs going crazy I'm not picking up anything obvious at the moment but there's definitely something around tonight.

One day, some day someones gonna capture this thing.

Like I said, time will tell.

Source: Youtube