Bigfoot Australia, The Yowie: Chronicle 1 :The Eyes Part 1

Just about to head down to the riverbank.

Its about 8 o'clock at night.

The reason we're going down there is because Keegan and J'aime discovered what we believe to be a big footprint probably, well, Keegan's telling me if he was to give it a size it's probably about a size 18.

Massive footprint! Had some pretty strange happenings again on the riverbank.

Bek and the girls when keeg and I were watching a movie, out watching a movie the other night believe they saw some big eyes and head and shoulders crouching behind the grass for about five minutes watching them aahh, so it's a little bit creepy.

Molly's been chasing after things I've been hearing growls and I gotta admit I'm a little bit scared right now.

I don't know I'm gonna find down there but the reason I'm going down at night, the stupidity of it, is because it could be a storm coming in and if the storm comes in its gonna wash out the track and we're going to lose our opportunity possibly to film it.

Keeg did get some photos but they didn't come out real well as you'd expect in a photo so lets just see how it goes, hey? DAD! I kid you not I saw something moving in the trees down there.


and I saw there are eyes blinking at me Got the high beams on hun? Right there! There are friggin big big eyes Oh Shit, why doesn't.

(indistinct voice).



GET IN) I am absolutely scared poopless at the moment.

I'm gonna get in the car.

Hun, if it realizes been discovered by us it may not be peaceful anymore – It's alright – See if I go forward too much- It knows, it knows, we know, Hey? we go forward too much these lights dip.

-Dad, dad Dad can you drive.

– Because if could smash through the car hun! Dad can you drive? Mum will panic.

Dad, mum's a panic driver, please? – Can we go? This is probably really something we ought to do.

– DAD! just, can you please stop light can you please stop panicking Keegan.

Please stop panicking! ok.

So then we need to do what? With um another guy out here here.

Maybe a few so we've got numbers.

Problem is they'll probably just disappear.

Just go down there a little bit.

Hun I'm really scared! NO DAD NO! Well how are we gonna get out? Gotta go down there to back out anyhow (whimpering) We're gonna die! Go down where hunny? Just there and back around.

Not too far down.

To where, to where? There! Just shine it into those trees.

So thats where the footprint is down there yeah? Down in the big cliff.

Crap! What? I don't want to stay here anymore! DAD lets reverse, lets reverse, mum, dad, mum reverse now! Hun can I? OK if you wanna go back, we'll go back.

Get Dave David a bunch of other guys out here I really wish this camera had've picked up Did it not pickup the eyes? No it doesn't it's, because it's such a small thing and the lights not great.

seen a full-on thing of visual on this my level of belief that it exists is increasing and it was already pretty high before this just with some of the stuff that's been happening but I tell ya it's gone up another notch and um, heck (Indistinct) Let me tell ya, Heart pumpin!.

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