Best things to see and do in Sydney Australia

I'm in Sydney Australia for the next fewdays this is a great city with so much to see and do.

I'm going to try to squeeze it all in.

Here we go.

I'm heading towards Mrs McGuire'spoint.

This is one of the best places to see the Sydney Opera house.

I'm at the Sydney Opera House.

There are amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

It's so beautiful out here.

You can walk right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It's incredible.

I've been dying to see a Kangaroo and Koala.

At the Darling Harbour they've got a Wildlife Animal Adventure which I'm going to check out.

-Does he bite? -He does.

Can I touch him on the back? I've just seen and touched a Wombat for the first time in my life.

That was so incredible.

A little bit hard, but just amazing.

It's Saturday night.

We're at Darling Harbour.

There are a lot of people here.

We've just watched an amazing fireworks display.

Some of the best fireworks that I've ever seen.

They really know how to do fireworks here.

There is a large Asian community here so unsurprisingly they've got an amazing China Town.

The selection of Asian restaurants is unbelievable and I'm certainly going to try a few while I'm here.

In Dixon House, on Dixon Street, they have an Asian Food Court and it's just amazing, the energy here, the variety.

It's great.

I'm having fresh dumplings and beef and broccoli.

There's a massive queue for something called Emperer's cream puffs.

I'm going to join the queue and see what it's all about.

Sorry, can you tell me what's the deal with these Emperor's Puffs? They're like profiteroles and they're glorious and fresh and they're cheap and amazing.

They're warm and delicious.

I'm at Bondi Beach, it's a beautiful warm day.

It's just incredible here.

The views are magnificent.

Such a lovely place.

These flies are so annoying.

From Watson's Bay you get incredible views of the Sydney city skyline.

It's so amazing.

You can see the whole of Sydney from here.

There's an incredible 3,5km walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach.

The views are just incredible and it's well worth doing.

What's your dogs name? Beaver.

Ah, he is so beautiful.

He has got the coolest outfit ever.

That's it for my time in Sydney.

Thank you for watching.

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