Before moving to Australia, land a job first

Some claim Australiato be the land of milk and honey leading many New Zealanders to flyacross the ditch in search of their fortunes.

However, Melbourne-based groupMelbourne Tautoko Whanau warn others not to just fly across withoutsecuring a job first.

The group has provided supportfor Maori and others living in poverty in Melbourneand throughout Victoria.

Unemployment is the sourceof their poverty.

I ventured across the ditchto help the group feed the homeless.

As they say,it's the season for giving.

But for Melbourne Tautoko Whanau, it's always the season for giving -year in, year out.

Maria Kumar says, there are large numbersof New Zealanders moving across to Melbournein search of employment underestimating how difficultthe job market is in Australia which then eventuallyleads them to wind up homeless.

And over the years Australia's social security lawshave been toughed up – New Zealanders are unable to apply for social welfare benefitsin Australia.

Kumar and her group help thosein dire straits to be able to standon their own two feet again.

Here is one of the peoplewho have benefitted from Melbourne TautokoWhanau's charity.

He moved to Australiain 2002 to seek employment.

When he was injured he lost his job and wound up on the streetsof Melbourne.

They gave him a home, a job,and the bare necessities.

He is one of the group'smany success stories.

When I arrived there, a woman and her family of 11had been kicked out of their home, and that's when this group spranginto action.

They collaboratedwith other volunteers who deal with those in poverty.

Here are some others.

They are the operatorsof a mobile shower service.

The idea for the service camefrom the founder of One Voice, Josh Wilkins, as he reflected on how the homelesswere unable to wash themselves.

At the moment they areonly in Melbourne, however, they have ambitionsto expand to the other major urban centresin Australia, and eventually to New Zealand.

Indeed, it's a service provided outof charitable passion.

While they are able to providewell and help these people out, Kumar and her group are on the lookfor donations so they can give more to thosewho have less.

Source: Youtube