Beach Santa & Mall Kangaroo!

Merry Christmas everybody! We already got all our holiday shopping done… We’re here at the mall in Joinville, enjoyingsome Christmas shopping.

But now.

Eleninha needs a new ride.

Na, too fast.

Umm, too pink.

Too yellow.

Too scary.

Too expensive.

Too bright.

Eh, too complicated.

Hmm, it’s the right idea but just too slow.

Yes! This thing’s top speed is maximum half amile per hour.

Although, I think it is my prefered methodof transportation in a shopping mall.

And now we’re just enjoying our timeat the beach.

So the beach community we’re in is callItaguacu.

And this is actually my fifth Christmas spendingit here in Brazil.

And it definitely took me awhile to get usedto spending Christmas in a warm tropical climate.

And it got me thinking, you know.

It’s funny seeing Santa Claus in boardshortsand surfing, however Christmas here still has the tradition of snow and Santa Clausin his big red suit.

But because Brazil is so warm–has this tropicalclimate–there are now chimneys you don’t need to set a fire.

So, how does Santa get into the house? Well, I’m going to grab something to drinkand then I’ll show you.

Hello, a coconut water please–really cold.

So, heading to my in-laws beach house rightnow.

I’m going to show you how Saint Nick getsinto people’s homes even when there’s not a chimney.

But every single house, apartment has oneof these things and it’s something I really enjoy using when I come here to Brazil.

So, we’re almost at the house.

Check this out! It’s a bar-b-que pit, built right into thehouse and every home has one! That’s how Santa gets in! Let’s get back to the… Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Should I get a churros too? I’m on vacation.

And one churros please.

Cheers! You know those rice fields that are full ofwater right now? Someone’s going to need to dig the mud outof those rice boxes.

And that’s going to be me.

So I’ll be able to work off these caloriesthen.


Source: Youtube