Beach Adventures In Newcastle – Australia Vlog #3

So it's my first day in Newcastle Kind of just want to mention, that cockroaches aren't really a thing in Canada they're not something that you have to worry about.

I've seen way too many cockroaches on this trip, that I can count.

They're absolutely freakin' disgusting.

I thought I was afraid of spiders until I got here.

Some of them are the size of my thumb.




God damnit Australia.

Okay, come back! Don't leave me! My hair is just everywhere.

That's Zac.

You're in the back, want to wave or something? I'm going to try this.

The famous vegemite.

Here I go.

I flipped the piece of toast omg.

I flipped the piece of toast over in my mouth so I could get the full taste of it, that is horrible.

I'm not doing that again.

Zac: oh my god.

Ew, I don't even want to swallow this? Zac: Are you serious?! I'm totally serious, that is horrendous.

Micheal: Have you been attacked by one? Is this a story that I need to know about? I haven't been attacked by one, but I feel like I know people that have been attacked by them.

Source: Youtube