Backpacking Australia TIPS/FAQ

Well hello there! If you don't know who I am my name's Alyssa and it's really nice to meet you.

So as some of you may know, I backpacked Australia recently for a month and a half.

So I'm going to be doing a backpacking Australia frequently asked questions video/tips video.

Now if I don't answer any questions you have, please comment below I will answer every single one to the best of my ability.

So, here we go! To start off, I went on the trip by myself, I realized once I got there that transit in Australia is not very good.

So getting around, wasn't very easy for me.

I had like seven flights within Australia, and then I took a Greyhound.

I would suggest, that if you're not going by yourself, if you're going with some friends, buy a car once you're there, drive it to wherever you need to go, and then sell it after.

There's always cars being sold and there's always people looking for cars.

Q: What backpack did you use? I used the same backpack that I used on my Europe trip.

I used my Osprey Farpoint, it's 55L and then my day pack was 12L which I wore on the front with all my electronics.

This unlike most bags, opens laying down, I would highly suggest a bag like this it's a lot easier to pack, and repack and find what you need.

Make sure you get a bag that is the correct sizing, not in litres, but in the way that it fits on your body.

So if you have one that's too big or too small, it won't be comfortable.

Q: What cities did I go to? I flew into Sydney, and then I headed to Newcastle.

I took a flight to Gold Coast, I went back to Byron Bay, back to Gold coast, To Brisbane, then I flew to Hamilton Island, which then I took a ferry from Hamilton Island to Airlie Beach Stayed in Airlie Beach, then I bussed it all the way to Cairns, and then I flew back to Sydney.

Spent Christmas in Newcastle, went back to Sydney, and then I bussed it to Melbourne.

Q: What about hostels? So I didn't stay in as many hostels as I did in Europe.

That's because I had a lot of friends in Australia that I met in Europe and I ended up couchsurfing a lot.

With hostels, I checked out a lot on hostelworld.

A lot of hostels, it's almost better to book on their actual website, or by calling.

Hostelworld charges an extra fee.

My least favourite hostel was probably Jackaroo in Kings Cross Sydney.

There were cockroaches, that was my first hostel of the trip, I was not thrilled because I didn't expect cockroaches.

But my most favourite hostel on my trip, was The Nunnery in Melbourne.

It's not what it sounds like, it was actually so awesome, it was basically a part hostel but they had a great lounge Another one of my favourite hostels was, Surfers Paradise Backpackers Inn, I think it's called In Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise.

All the employees were people from all over the world.

And everyone just made you feel welcome.

So I backpacked by myself without a tour, but in specific cities I did daily tours.

So in Whitsundays, I snorkelled for a day, it was awesome.

And then in Cairns I also snorkelled The Great Barrier Reef one day.

And then another day, I did a waterfall/rainforest tour.

I would suggest talking to the people at the hostel, they have recommendations, and brochures and pamphlets and they will help you book all of those, so don't worry about looking at those online.

Q: Best way to meet people? I got this question a lot, it's not as difficult and you may think it is.

Honestly, just meet people by staying in hostels, and sitting in the common area and just starting conversation Ask someone where they're from, how long they've been travelling for, why they're travelling.

If you're in hostels and you're willing to make friends and you're friendly enough to say hi, you will make friends I promise you.

Q: Which airlines did you take? I took Jetstar, I took Quantas, I took Virgin, and I know there's also Tigerair.

They're all pretty small planes, and not very comfortable, but they're only for like an hour flight.

But honestly, sometimes, it's the only way to get where you need to go.

Q: Grocery stores, what are the main ones? Now, Australia is not cheap.

But the two main grocery stores are Coles and Woolworths.

Woolworths is more expensive, but sometimes they have better sales.

Coles is what I liked to go to the best.

They're a lot bigger and everything is so much cheaper there.

My favourite stops, or my favourite things that I did.

I loved Byron Bay, the nightlife there was so much fun, just went out drinking both nights.

Small little beach town, laid back vibe.

Total like surfer guys everywhere.

I also really liked Cairns, even though it was a city.

Honestly, the rainforest tour was probably one of my favourite days on my entire trip.

Gold Coast was also awesome.

Such a party town, beautiful, beautiful city with the beach and the skyline, absolutely loved the vibes.

And then I also did a Great Ocean Road tour, which was two nights, three days.

That was so much fun, I'm glad I did it.

Honestly, one of my favourite things was on that Great Ocean Road tour, we were in the middle of nowhere Australia With no cell service, and we were in this field, there was about ten of us, just laying on the ground, drinking goon, which is like cheap boxed wine, and looking up at the stars and talking, and that was one of my favourite nights of my entire trip.

All my favourite moments were actually moments that I spent money on, the extra day tours So please go willing to spend a little bit of money for those experiences and those memories.

Q: What about couchsurfing? I couchsurfed on this trip, I used the app when I first got there, that went perfectly fine, he was awesome I also kind of did things that most travellers wouldn't I would meet an Australian in one city, and then I would be like "Oh I'm going to your hometown in three days can I crash on your couch?" And I would, even though I had just met them.

There are risks to that.

Trust the feelings and the vibes that you have about people.

Honestly, I probably only paid for accommodation half of my trip, that really saved me a lot of money.

One last thing.

I went there during their summer thinking it was going to be like so hot, I had one day that was like 40 degrees celcius But other than that I actually had to go out and buy warmer clothes.

Don't go expecting that it's going to be hot hot hot, just because it's Australia.

Alrighty, if you have any other questions please comment them below, I will answer them if I can.

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