Baby K’tan Kangaroo Position Instructions

[Music playing] This video will help you wearyour Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in the Kangaroo Position.

This position is great frombirth until about two months old.

For babies undereight pounds, consult your medicalprofessional before use.

Take extra care in using thecarrier with infants younger than four months of age,premature, low birth weight babies, and babies withcolds or respiratory issues.

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier ismade of two loops of fabric.

Hold the loopstogether, and place them over your head like a necklace,with the connecting loop at the back.

Separate the loops andplace one arm through each.

If the "X" falls nearyour neck, shift it down so that it crosses at thecenter of your front and back.

Lower the outer loopfrom your shoulder so that it hangs at your waist.

Stretch open the inner loopto form a pocket or a hammock.

Place your babyupright in the pocket with their kneestucked to their tummy in a froggy or "M" position.

Make sure your baby iscentered in the fabric, with an equal amount ofmaterial on both sides.

Place your arm throughthe loop at your waist and pull it backonto your shoulder.

Spread the loop open over yourshoulder and over your baby.

Make sure to keepbaby's face visible.

If needed, pull theback support band down to help center the loops.

Flip the fabricat your shoulders to tighten up excessmaterial and to move it away from your baby's face.

Now you and yourbaby are ready to go.

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Source: Youtube