Australia’s Xtreme heatwave – The Feed

Well it was a scorcher this weekend in the eastern states let’s take a look at some of the weather around the country Meanwhile Adelaide recorded a minimum temperature of – And it wasn’t just the heat to worry about, there was some moisture Across NSW there were downpours of up to 100 mm of sweat wreaking havoc on local businesses We had sweat all through here, right? Like up to here I tell ya what, based on the smell, I think a lot of it was arse-sweat The weather took a toll on Queenslanders, with the devastating news in Brisbane over the weekend that the Bureau of Meteorology had declared conditions “too hot for coitus" But it wasn’t all bad some of our friends in the animal kingdom made the most of the weekend It might seem a bit batty but these Flying Foxes in Singleton had a little nap on the grass in 45 degree heat Apologies, my producer points out that that’s not what was happening in that video So to any children watching, those bats are now napping in 'bat heaven' Moving on, the extreme conditions over the weekend resulted in a series of records being broken Let’s take a look at some of the highlights Elsewhere, Perth recorded its second-wettest day in history and snow fell in Tasmania It’s almost as if our climate is going through some kind of massive change As for the conditions in Canberra, we’ve got scattered donations from the fossil fuel industry with a strong chance of denial And if we just update our model to account for those conditions Australia’s weather forecast for the next decade is now “well and truly f**ked”.

So, I dunno, wear a hat.

Source: Youtube