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I am Andrew, Welcome to SMB Australia CarTransport.

We have been established since 1963, we are a small personalised family business, smallenough to do the individual car movements and large enough to move your bulk vehicles.

We service everything from the Mornington Peninsula up as far as Cairns and everythingin between.

We service a wide variety of clients from prestige dealers to family, public right throughthe range.

Car carrying is a specialised industry.

Our drivers have been with us for more than 10years at a time.

So they know every vehicle is different and how to treat every car carefully.

What keeps clients coming back to us is our service, we treat every single customer asif it was one of our cars.

Customer service means everything, basically without customers you don't have work.

Soyou try and do your very best to make them happy.

They're like my friends, I turn up, thereis a drink waiting for me or a coffee and we just stand around and have a chat.

They can contact us directly and find outwhere the vehicle is, we can tell them where their car is at any given time.

We try to treat our customers correctly, so the person who has a Ferrari to move getsthe same care as the person who has a Mini minor to move If we can help you in any of your car movementsanywhere from Cairns to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria give us a ring on 1300 362 085.

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