Australia’s Smart Cities Plan

(The Hon Malcolm Turnbull) All of you understand that our cities are a part of our greatest economic assets.

This is where most Australians live.

Seventy-five percent of us live in our major cities and regional centres.

This is where most of our G.



is derived.

Liveable cities, cities that work are enormous economic assets.

They are vitally important to our strong economy and we have some of the best cities, the most liveable cities in the world.

One dollar well spent on planning can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in poor investment, if you don’t know what you are seeking to achieve at the outset.

Planning is absolutely critical.

The ad hocery has got to stop.

We’ve got to work together coherently, cohesively, Federal Government, State Government, City Governments in developing these City Deals which are no more than agreeing on what we’re seeking to achieve.

And what is that? Well, we want to have liveable cities.

We want to make sure that we have the public space, the green space.

We want to have the trees in our city that Greg Hunt speaks so passionately about and has done so much to promote.

We want to ensure that we have the good transport infrastructure that Paul Fletcher’s been discussing with the State Government here yesterday, to ensure that people are not spending hours and hours every week, sometimes every day, tied up in traffic jams, not able to get from one place to another.

By our nature, we are social animals.

We are at our most productive, our most creative, our most innovative, when we are together, when we get together and that is why an efficient city, a liveable city, is absolutely critical to the development, to the growth of our economy.

Source: Youtube