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Look I know how it is You just got dumped Or you had a rough day at work So you go home, neck a few beers or wines, maybe follow that up with some fine cheeses Or even some chocolate No one will know, right? Wrong, the government knows That’s right they’ve been watching you and now the time for judgement has come For 12 months the CSIRO has been canvassing the eating habits of over 86,000 Aussies online Comparing them with our Australian dietary guidelines Resulting in the grand release of our national Healthy Diet Score for 2016 It's 59, out of 100 Look on the bright side we didn’t fail, but it’s not great though is it? It's not a very good score, it's probably a C In general we found that women did better than men, who scored a D That's right, women scored better than men with an average score of 60 Old people better than young people with the over 70s beating Gen Y by 5 points And in terms of jobs? Well no big surprises that the health industry topped the charts But tying for last with the unemployed are… construction workers Yes it turns out no matter how much nail-hammering and dirt- shovelling you do Eating meat pies, washed down by a beer -for about three decades does not a healthy man make So what’s going on construction workers of Australia? We got spinach here, we got eggplant, we got tomato, we're just making a nice, healthy vegetarian wrap Yeah, just started on the vegetarian diet – pretty happy about it Okay, so we may have found the healthiest dudes in the country But they're not all veggos out on the site It is a quite unhealthy diet that we do see out on the site Yeah, a lot of energy drinks But look as it turns out none of us come off looking too great when it comes to avoiding the bad foods What they call ‘discretionary foods’ It is junk food, it's not just takeaway foods, it's the foods we eat in between meals, it's chocolate cake, biscuits, pastries, those kind of things But alcohol is also a significantly high portion of the discretionary foods that men consume and also those in the construction industry Turns out a third of us have way too much of this category Our biggest vice? You guessed it Alcohol For men it makes up over a quarter of all the bad stuff they have each week In fact the closest we got to meeting our dietary needs was in our fruit consumption And even then still less than half of us are eating enough The CSIRO says that if we all just raise our score to 70, it could help stop our high rates of heart disease, diabetes And even impact about a third of all cancers But only one in 5 Aussies are currently hitting the mark So how can we get there? Look it’s super easy – we just need to halve our discretionary foods and double our veggie intake So about two sticks of celery gets me one Snickers Uh, Laura I don't think that's how it works.

No, no, no – I got this.

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