Australians Watch American Television Commercials

(lively banjo music) – Automatically when Ithink of American TV ads I feel like I justthink of the Super Bowl.

– Weirdly sexist or beit racist or homophobic.

– Let's watch some ads.

– [Voiceover] Black angusbeef and bacon it's so Tex.

– It's Texas versus Mexico.

– Totally, weirdly stereotypical cliche.

– There's a lot of flesh.

– I don't even know where to begin.

– I've got no idea whatthis has to do with burgers.

– Are they playing on the border? – I like those cowboys becausethey were more interested– – [Together] In theburger than the hot women.

– And I can relate to that a lot.

– Yeah, same.

– And they just slappedeach other on the ah ah.

– I just want to go and joinmy local feminist crew now.

– I've never seen a HungryJack's ad like this.

– [Voiceover] And Cialisfor daily use helps you be ready any time the moment is right.

– I used to work in a pharmacy,I know exactly what this is.

Also, I can't get an erection,I know exactly what this is.

– [Voiceover] Side effectsmay include headache, upset stomach, delayedback ache or muscle ache.

To avoid long term injuryget medical help right away for an erection lastingmore than four hours.

– That ad was like 90percent all the health risks that are associated with that med.

– You're gonna get hives,rashes, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, you'llbleed from your anus.

Oh, well, you know what– – But you'll get an erection.

– Forever.

– [Voiceover] Ask your doctorabout Cialis for daily use and a free 30 tablet trial.

– You can get free bonerpill trials in the U.


I think that's great.

– Get on it, Malcolm Turnbull.

– Not the boner.

♫ Your personal partner first in freedom ♫ – This is gonna be racist.

– Bail bonds, oh my god, oh my god.

– I mean, I've never evenheard of a bail bond.

It seems like a very strange concept.

– That's not how the law works.

– So it must be a pretty huge market for there to be such aneed so that you can get dropped home in a pink Hummer.

– I have no idea what that was for.

– I don't know what we just watched.

– Is this a legal, like, thing? – Nail this little sucker.

C'mon, which one is he? – I don't think I can do this.

– It's easy, just point to it.

– You thought you was gonna catch me? Keep your mouth shut,keep your mouth shut.

I'm gonna get outta here.

– This is like (bleep) up.

– Making light of domestic violence.

– A little racist, everyonein this jail is either black– – Or a goat.

– Or a goat.

– Who gave that the green ticand I hope that they're fired.

– At Outback I start off witha lot healthier appetizer.

– This is Jemaine Clement.

– Is that the guy fromFlight of the Conchords? – It's the guy fromFlight of the Conchords.

And he's talking like he's Australian.

– He's from New Zealand.

He's not Australian.

– You know we are different.

Australians and Kiwis are very different.

– Can you imagine what it would be like if like, Australia did an adand it was all about Americans, but instead of casting Americans,we just cast Canadians? – Yeah.

– Hi, I am Bob, I am running.

Running for Iowa's open seat in the U.


— – He wants to be a politician.

– Oh, the dog was nodding.

– If you were the sexualpreditor and sociopath who murdered my sister Lynette, when you come to my frontdoor to do harm to my girls, I'm gonna use my Glock.

To blow your balls off.

– Oh.

– That's not real.

– That just can't be real.

That's like what you see on South Park.

– Barely heard any Australian politicians pledge to blow someone's balls off.

– Only good thing aboutthis ad is the dog.

That's a cute dog.

– Confirmed a lot of whatI thought about America which is there's a lot ofmessed up stuff going on.

– I feel like I need a stiffdrink after all of these ads.

– I would absolutelywant all of these ads– – 100 percent– – In Australia.

– Yep.

– I wouldn't even watch TV I would just– – Just watch ads.

– Watch ads.

– Of course these ads don't represent the entire American population,but from what I've seen it seems like politicians loveguns, every man in America has an erectile disfunctionand everyone needs legal representation forbreaking some kind of law.

– American ads might be crazy as (bleep), but they're fun and I'mpretty sure I love it.

(lively banjo music).

Source: Youtube