Australians React To American Pop Culture Stereotypes

– I bet you 20 bucks someone is gonna say, 'Let's throw anothershrimp on the barbie'.

(upbeat music) – Alright here, (mumbles)you've never made this one.

– Well (mumbles) I am jabber,just jabber (mumbles).

Can I get you to say with me, Ha boy ya ya.

– Ha boy ya ya.

– It's me after half a beer.

– There are some parts of Australia, where the Aussie accent is so thick, I can't even understand it.

– The thing that does now, is Australians love to merge words.

Whether it be on purpose or not.

– I can confirm that'show a lot of Aussies speak in country towns.

So Anchorman, you came pretty close.

You did a good job.

– Now just goes to (mumbles) a bunch of malarkeys.

– They put in words thatwe never use like malarkey.

– When you hear an Australianaccent in a Hollywood film, it does stand out like dog's balls.

– You're alright for a black fella.

– It's a shame that he'ssaying something pretty racist.

– Yeah.

– But at the same time,it's not that shocking if that's his accent.

– I know that's an Australian actor, but that accent turned way up.

– I'm gonna report this tome member of Parliament.

Hey Gus, I got something to report to you.

– I'm from a small town, and our local member of Parliament did live close by and that'show my dad did approach him.

– I'm want to take this allthe way to the Prime Minister.

– I hate that this is outbecause it's a representation of who we are.

– Hey Mr.

Prime Minister.

– If you're looking for Malcolm Tumbull there's a pretty good chancethat's he's just like floating in a little ring drinkinga can of Fosters.

– The last time we didhave a prime minister go in the water, he went missing.

– I like it.

I feel like it just takes thepiss, but not offensively.

– It's hilarious.

It's just a bit of fun.

– If people are thinking thisis offensive to Australia, every other episode of the Simpsons, is making fun of America.

Even this episode.

– Not a lot of Jewishpeople where you're from? – Ahh, no.

I did do Fiddler On TheRoof though in high school.

It was like me and some aboriginals.

It was really Jewish.

– So whenever aboriginal people come up in Hollywood movies it's usually just as like the butt of the jokeor anything like that.

– When I cheap gags likethat, it's kind of like Oh, God, yet again.

Are you serious? And I do wonder whether likean international audience see that and actually reallythink that we're that stupid.

I hope not.

– To be an Aussie oncamera, doesn't mean you have to be full bogan.

– Doesn't matter if you're a small (bleep) or a big (bleep) You can play these guys (bleep) got a big barrel on (bleep) just smack him (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) – Lots of swearing.

– Yeah.

– Accurate.

– (bleep) Accurate.

– He's fun, he's laid-back, and I guess at our core, that'swhat most of us Aussies are.

– And when we are around Americans, we do kind of exaggerateour Australian accent and culture because wewant to be that cool person in their eyes.

– It was like they hadGogglebox on in my apartment.

– So that was spot on.

It's an Aussie trying to get an American onto Australian beer andwatch Australian sport.

Aussies are real guilty for that.

– After oday, I definitelysaw the stereotypes that I knew I would see.

It's the same stuff over and over again.

– Obviously it would be cool to get like a little bit more variety.

– A bit of diversity.

– Yeah.

– Would be nice.

– I mean a lot of it wasjust taking the piss on us and as Australians, we're pretty chill and we just don't give a (bleep).

– All of these portrayed usas kind of uncultured yobos.

And that's not true, you (bleep).

– In Australian shows, if yousee an American character, we'll portray them asa big, fat, loudmouth.

Then, how is that different to them just making us out as bogans? – It's all fun, it's all banter, and– – It's funny.

Source: Youtube