Australian Teen Who Allegedly Plotted Kangaroo Bomb Pleads Not Guilty

An Australian man who allegedly discussed packing a kangaroo with explosives and setting it on police pleads not guilty to four charges.

Prosecutors said on Jan.

28 that last spring 19-year-old Sevdet Ramadan Besim discussed a terrorist plot with a teenager from the UK, a 15-year-old whose name the court withheld due to his age.

The two allegedly discussed painting an ISIS symbol on a kangaroo and setting it on police.

They also allegedly planned to behead a police officer after running police over with a car.

Besim allegedly said in an online chat that he was, quote "ready to fight these dogs on there (sic) doorstep.

" Besim was allegedly planning to attack memorial services in Melbourne on ANZAC Day, a veterans holiday in Australia.

He faces charges focused around engaging in communications with the intention of plotting a terror attack and could face life in prison.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

Source: Youtube