Australian National Fabrication Facility South Australian Node

The Australian National Fabrication Facility's South Australian Node helps you create advanced micro and nano-engineered devices that address global challenges and markets.

Our role in Australia’s growing technology economy is providing tangible support to R&D pioneers and helping transform their discoveries into prototypes and new products.

Co-located at the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia and Flinders University, ANFF-SA houses over $11 million worth of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We help more than 200 users access the facility annually, from researchers to start-ups and SMEs to global industry.

Each year, we deliver 1000s of glass, plastic and metal micro devices.

These devices are used for research and applications in cancer detection, mineral processing, environmental sensing, nanotechnology, and gene therapy.

Our team comprises a mix of industry- and university-trained staff, with the advanced manufacturing skills needed for you to discover, create and innovate using micro and nano-scale technologies.

Our facility is open to researchers and industry users world-wide, so contact us today to make your idea a reality.

Source: Youtube