AUSTRALIA | Vlog 77 – Too Hot for You Tube

Here we are.

We made it to the 'Conspiuous Cliffs' – the striking cliffs – managed.

Look how cool are! Mark's head it face straight.

Over there we have a few fairly large cliffs.

It's really nice to look at.

This is absolutely fantastic here! This is genius.

We are here in the back of pick-up.

It starts.

We go now and I have to hold on tight here otherwise I might still make the camera broken.

We found something to guard and drive together.

That's really beautiful.

So we traveled in South America.

On the loading of such pickups.

Most of this land is forest or bush, is not it? Because, they wanted to get the bush.

So he is under protection! I think it's beautiful here.

We have a few animals found.

And here we have Wynette who Kuhflüsterin.

Hello my treasures.

How are you all? And behind her is Bella.

I have raised with the bottle.

They are curious.

Cows are curious.

Bye cows.

We just discovered enemy feces.

From Fox.

Yes, fox faeces.

Foxes are not welcome in Australia.

They are regarded here as a plague.

Because they decimate native animals.

Why foxes are not good here.

Was it very jumpy? No, it was pleasant.

Mark and I have it now on 'Conspicuous Cliffs' – the striking cliffs, managed.

It's pretty here.

We are close to Walpole.

between Walpole and the Valley of the Giants' where we're going next.

It is here behind us Nee, before us.

And we'll show you now.

Someone like me today! Who?! You! Here we are.

We have made it to the 'Conspicuous Cliffs' the striking cliffs.

Look how cool they are.

Mark's head it face straight.

Over there we have some really great cliffs.

It's really nice to look at.

And if the sun comes out, then the water is here runglaublich blue! Who is that handsome man? Is that my husband ?! This is absolutely fantastic here! This is genius! Some waves out there are huge.

I have found a little photo opportunity.

Affectionate here at my feet.

The floor there.

So you can be curious.

I welchsel now to my wide angle lens.

So I can ran really close, but still have a lot of background.

Because it is what I really want.

I have to decide now whether I cliffs or wants to photograph the sea.

I first photograph the cliffs.

The cliffs first? Yes.

Previously, with the other lens, I had to be removed from the floor about as far.

But now, have a look how close I ran, and I have still the whole floor in the picture.

I put the images now to talk in and then you can see the difference yourself.

Longer lens.

Wide We are now in the 'Valley of the Giants'.

There is quite a lot and large Eucalyptus trees jacksonii.

Here 'Red tingle tree'- red Kribbel tree – called.

The tingle when you anfässt.

No they do not.


The not tingle.

What we do now is to go high on the Baumgipfelweg.

The is a construction of suspension bridges and you go up there for good 40 meters.

Good luck Mark, good luck.

We are now above.

Everything moves here.

We are here on one of the lower platforms.

And where there is There! Da's proceeds And over there is the longest compound and there you can also the highest point.

You can freely look down directly here.

Kann du t times a picture of me as I climb over it here Of which you can make a picture.

I then hang here from the strut and do pull-ups and stuff.

What do you think? I think that sit stupid.

It's super shaky here.

We are right in the middle of the highest connecting bridge.

Yes, right in the middle.

It wobbles quite a lot and will not stop! No, do not do that! Do not do that! Look, it's pretty deep! A small update We are now at the highest point over.

And now we just go further down.

Just as we always do.

Always downhill.


) We have the 'Tree Top Walk' survived.

Look all here! Show it to them.

"TOO HOT FOR YOU TUBE" The sit as if I had a 'six pack', except that it is a just! Ah, and that the material is that I must not again use! Regardless, we survived.

Why can not you use it ?! We have the 'Tree Top Walk' survived! We're back on solid ground and go now the "Old Kingdom" trail.

Oh? Yes I think so.

And where there is a tree which is so large that you can stand in it.

What?! Yes, it has a cavity.

I show it to you.

So, something that worries me slightly Is the smell of fire! That does not worry me.

So a smell in a forest is not just good.

I learned long ago not to let me worry of strong odors.

We found "Granny Tingle Tree".

It says it: "Grandma Tingle Tree".

And these trees have sometimes scooping.

Sometimes in the middle quite hollow.

And that probably comes from bacteria, insects and fungal infections.

And make the wood and ramshackle if then a fire is burning the dead wood and remains a rießiger tree with a better delivery.

Mh, as they say because Well almost something like a cave in the middle.

Thumbs up for Mark and how he feeds his stomach.

You're doing well Mark, you're doing well.

We show you the same as a large cavity.

This tree here do not know really what it is.

He has both male and female flowers and dusted himself.

The so needs nothing but himself.

The tree is called "Karri She Oak".

Here is now one of the bigger ones.

This is now so as a cavity of which I have spoken.

Trees as making way.

Although, the do not do that Fungal infections and insects make the A process of nature And then comes a fire and burning the dead wood from and these cavities are formed in the tree.

Actually keeps the tree is not much.

But he is still grown so big and lives on.

And is not quite straight.

We live dangerously.

We head towards the fire! Look, this is a real forest fire! It is not a controlled burn! It's a real forest fire! Now it happened Susann.

The end is near! Look at this, this is all burned! We have arrived in Denmark.

Nark is already flat.

Yes, I'll do it gladly.

And we are here in a hostel that is "Blue Wren".

We just had a delicious coffee And now run along the river the estuary.

For 'Wilson' Bay in Denmark.

To all of pelicans! We have just seen the first Pelikan! He swims.

We are now at the 'Wilson' Bay and I thought that I might here a beautiful Image can make the sunset, but it is too cloudy.

That will probably nix.

But at least we have seen a few pelicans.

And here we have a little duck that just comes closer.

That was a thrill! I have the duck just seen.

So, since we are now just simply run back home.

That we find hope something edible in IGA this is a supermarket and then we cook in the hostel and go to sleep.

Except it should still something exciting happened, we say goodbye now of you.

And we hope you enjoyed our little video today like.

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🙂 NEXT TIME We are now on the way to "Greens Pool".

And we have just arrived.


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