New Zealand- Australia, the gem of the southern hemisphere.

While it may be the world's smallest continent, that doesn't mean that this former prison nation doesn't have just as much bite as its bark.

(thud, echoing) Australia! ".

and lives by his wits.

" (thud, beep) Did you know that Australia is the world's 12th largest economy? The United States MAY BE number one, but Australia is number 12.

Good on ya, Australia! You brown piece of shit! The country is also a wealth of history, culture, and drunken debauchery.

From the bars of Melbourne to the bars of Sydney, there's no place you can't get drunk in Australia.

That being said, apparently there's a whole western part of Australia that no one's ever been to before.

[eagle caw] Fuck you, Perth! Do you really wanna see the world? Well, so do Australians.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, Australia is, in fact, a prison colony.

[laughter] Commonwealth? More like common sense.

to GO there! Hugh Jackman, Iggy Azalea, and Chris Hemsworth, and LIAM Hemsworth, all moved away from Australia as soon as they could.

(background) Mel Gibson! [laughter] Some parts of Star Wars: Episode II and III even come from Australia! Did you know that Australia was invented because New Zealand was too small? Koalas, crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies: all these things can be easily found in a zoo in your home town.

But why not spend $7000 to see them in person for some reason in beautiful Australia? (echoing) Australia! All the people I've met are fantastic and they really like lamb.

Australia's home to cool landmarks like the Taj Mahal, and, um.

I guess I gotta take my glasses off before this.

I'd like to thank Australia for taking my virginity! Seriously, I don't think you fucking get it, Australia IS A PRISON CON-TI-NENT.

EVERYONE there is a criminal! Australia's home to the freeway as seen in the Matrix R-Rel-oaoa-ded There are more hobbits than you'd think, and fewer than we'd like! Guys, remember Steve Irwin? (echoing) Australia! True Australian fact – (echoing) Australia! during the Vietnam war, Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared while swimming, and was presumed drowned.

Later, a swimming pool in suburban Melbourne was named after him.


" Australia! ".

Dundee" For when your plane forgets to land in Hawaii.

[eagle caw].

Source: Youtube