Australia Post People – Forty Years of John

Well, I grew up in Essendon.

I went to Essendon High School, which is in Buckley St.

Australia Post was my first job.

My brotherwas a postman, And he said, John there’s a job up here in Essendon, do you want it? So I went up and seen the postmaster then, and that’s all I’ve done.

Forty years,still going.

I’m John Glanford, I’m a Postal DeliveryOfficer.

I get up at five everyday.

Get lunch ready,well, breakfast-lunch what it is.

Get dressed, come to work, get here aboutquarter to 6, have a coffee, go grab the mail, throw it all off, then you go out and deliverit.

I wanted to be a postman cause of the earlyfinishes and the relationships you build up on yourround.

I’ve still got very good relationships nowwith a lot of people.

One family I know of four generations.

The most rewarding thing in the job is looking after the people and you get a few special ones, like the older people, who struggle to get to the mailbox.

So I got about 5 or 6 of them I take the mail to the door, everyday.

Well now, I’m a postie for life, like, youknow I’m 58.

It’ll see me out, I’m gonna be a one timepostie.

Source: Youtube