Australia day part 1

No shoving no pushing no attitude photo oh wait I have to smile Morning guys Happy Australia Day wait till you see the other bikes hi they are the old bikes cool come up this way darling you likes those bikes I really want to try them now oh here you go come on H do you want to pat the Horse pat the Horse awe your patting the horse yeah cute Horse mum can we go on the jumping castle after?? Maybe Grady Hi my little Ozzie baby Hi beautiful boy you got ice cream on your face mum come on we are in an old court house is that where the bad people sit Grady inthere? what? that's where they used to sit they are in jail here? no this is the court house are you right? ohh mum are you ok? juice no it's not juice hey mum help I'm in jail come na haha oh I forgot to put the padlock on it and lockyou two in haha but I can open it you couldn't lock it can I go up there oh off you go are you going to be the judge? umm no you're not aloud to no if you go up there that's where the where they interview them hey?? so where were you at 12 o'clock I was at home oh you were at home? any witnesses? no No you're under arrest Mr Chamberlain go up the top and be a judge who is he going to be? he is the one who is going to be interviewed where were u at 12 o'clock? ahhh hair it's the wig for you to be the judge it's alright buddy do you want to hop downthen? you got the mallet? right here cool you're out of order this whole court roomis out of order Oh no down he is coming let's get out of here haha.

Source: Youtube