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(Australian folk music) – In today's video we're showing you guys what we did on Australia Day.

– Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

– Aye, aye, aye.

– Aye, aye, aye.

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(Australian folk music) (upbeat music) So, on Australia Day, we went to our auntie's and uncle's house and they have a boat andthey live on the canal.

– Such a nice house, it'sdecked out with flags and it's really cool.

– And our auntie goes all out.

– They're so good to us,we get to go on kayaks.

Here they are! One for Sam, and one for me.

'Kay, so we almost forgot the pluggy.

And you need the plugso that you don't sink.

(Australian folk music) This is what we used toget on and off the kayaks and we also jump off the boat.

– [Sam] Yeah we do.

– And, look guys, it's Aussie Day.

We did some handstands on the kayaks, had a few fails.

– Which is actuallyreally hard because, like, the water's moving andthen, so the kayaks are.

(rock music) So we got there eventuallyafter we were dry.

– And it was so much fun kayaking.

(folk guitar music) Also had an Aussie barbecuebecause it's Australia Day, sausages, made lamb, salad, rolls.

– A true Australian barbecue.

We had pavlova for dessert.

– We actually did.

– Yup.

And swimming in thecanal was really scary, that's why we had our flippers on.

– Yes we brought our flippers.

– You never know what's going to bite ya.

– And we're scared, like, 'cause you can't seethe bottom, it's scary.

– We were like, oh mygod, what's under us? – We just hope for the best, we don't come across some sharks.

But we saw some dolphins.

(Latin music) – And our dad and our unclewent crabbing off the boat.

– Yeah, they just usethe boat to use drop-nets to catch some crabbies.

– Yeah, very scary when the crabs are in the boat just like.

And like, "Oh my god, it's right there!" – Yeah and our uncleswere, like, a little bit, y'know, scared to pick them up.

So, the crabs are literally just, like, running around the boatwaiting for him to, like.

And also, when it got a little bit colder towards the end of the night, and it was getting a little bit darker.

– We were just chilling, wetied our kayak to the boat.

– And we just were like.

Just laying there.

– Just laying there – Looking up at the sky.

– Kegan just decides to be a penguin.

– Oh yeah, with my flippers on.

– [Sam] (Laughs] 'Sup,Kegan, what you doing? (Sam laughs) – So that's what we gotup to on Australia Day, we always have such agreat day out to Mehdra.

– If you're Australian, what did you guys do for Australia Day? Or, if you're not Australian.

– Just comment below ifyou've done kayaking before, or if you.

had a barbecue before.

(laughter) And yeah, so that bringsus to the end of the video.

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