Australia Awards Story

It's not just a scholarship, but it's really investing in people then giving them the tools to give back To become better in my career and also has equipped me with the competencies that I need in my job which I could use then in my future undertakings.

This is an opportunity that comes before us.

It's a liberating and empowering opportunity.

And if it comes, then go with it! I think Australia Awards Scholarships is one of the best scholarship programs in the Philippines and in the world It gives a lot of individuals – people from different countries – and different walks of life develop themselves to become a better person and when they go back to their countries they will contribute to their country's development.

I think no other scholarship program in the world would you expect people to actually care for you and ask how you are.

It's one of the things that we really appreciate.

From Course Counselling, before coming here the Pre-Departure Briefing the Intensive Academic Program that we had before commencing our studies And now that we are back, they are assisting us in enhancing our ReEntry Action Plans and how we can successfully implement our own plans.

I think one of the highlights of my Australia Awards journey was the way I was able to network with a lot of people I was able to make friends with different people from all over the world It was my first international travel.

The culture is different.

And it's really really challenging to do it! And I have learned about their culture and their beliefs and also, I was happy to realise that the Australian people are well-informed about my religion and how well-respected Islam is in the country.

I thought age was a deterring factor.

I never really thought that I would be part of this prestigious scholarship And I'm truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

With this, I would be able to bring back the learnings and experiences that I had in Australia.

The one thing that I want to bring back to the Philippines from learning the way that the Australians do it is their passion for the environment.

My dream, my big dream, is really having a sustainable resort where I can have communities.

Where I can employ a community and send their children to school and give them jobs.

I always want to see that all public health practicioners are equipped with the needed competencies in actually performing their functions.

And education is a big component in that.

For me, it was just simple.

Simple, but it's really hard to achieve.

It's for every Filipino to have a happy childhood.

I want to bring this passion with me and influence other people in the Philippines and make them do things that would improve the health of our environment.

But you see, all of this also came from the whole experience of studying in Australia – of studying abroad.

And seeing all these options seeing, opening my mind into different ways of doing things I personally can say that I'm more self-assured, I am more confident, and I will deliver what is expected of me out of this scholarship.

Because you have something in mind, because you want to do something for your country, for a community, then the Australia Awards program is for you.

Source: Youtube