Australia Awards Scholarships Vox Pops: Why study in Australia?

The best thing aboutthe Australian universities is that you havea blend of opportunities.

Wonderful support, bothadministratively and academically.

Studying here is very stimulating,engaging, innovative and enriching.

You get to broadenyour own perspective by doing a lot of research.

Back home, we just studywhat is prescribed in the textbook.

It's the quality of research and teaching.

You have peoplefrom all over the world and you get to not only learnabout new things in your field but about new culturesand use new technology and know what's happening not only in Australiabut all around the world.

The teaching environmentis fantastic.

I like the networking, I like the resources and I like when I can meet peoplethat are expert in their field.

It is a dynamicand wonderful environment to study.

Source: Youtube