Australia Awards Scholarships Vox Pops: What surprised you about Australia?

Australia has taught me to placevalue and worth on everybody, irrespective of their background or challenge that you do have.

The most interesting thingI've learnt about Australia is the Aboriginal culture.

The government really ensures that the Aboriginal cultureis really preserved and showcases itto the rest of the world.

The most interesting thingabout living in Australia is the diverse backgroundof people and their culture, and this has inspired me more tounderstand of how people interact and live in harmony with different cultures, different religions.

And I thinkthe best part to understand is the understandingamongst everyone.

People here are very friendlyand they're helpful.

They have this cultureof being able to have a day off for all their neighbours and friendsto come together.

People are very busyand they are very hardworking.

The first day I arrived here, I noticed many peopleusing public transport.

In my country, we don't have.

I learnt to be a citizenof the world, because I met a lot of peoplefrom all over the world.

It is the respect that Australia hasfor all the cultures.

It doesn't matter what yourreligion, race or social status, so everyone is the same.

Source: Youtube